March 30 2016 01:42 PM

Our readers tell us what they think


The situation is reversed in my household [“Still feeling The Bern,” March 23]. The old guy is enthusiastic about Senator Sanders for President. My 19-year-old daughter was initially dismissive. She disliked the word socialist.

I have tried to convince her that Bernie isn’t radical, and won’t be able to pass anything drastically different.

I thought Bernie was at his best on CNN. Whether Sanders or Clinton wins the nomination, either one will require an Obamalike turnout in November. I didn’t make the grade with CityBeat. The editor of The Star News likes me better. Something else I wrote will appear in next week’s issue of The Star News.

Every Monday morning at the Norman Park senior center, I moderate a discussion group on world affairs. Starting in April, every Thursday evening I’ll run a discussion group on books. My featured selection each week will alternate between fiction and nonfiction. After I talk about the first book, the others can mention whatever they have read recently.

Bernie may need to persuade some superdelegates to win. The Democrats will beat Trump or Cruz. The Chargers have a Chatsworth option till January. Norman Mailer once wrote about Democrats, “We may yet win. The other side is so stupid.”

Deuel Woodward, Chula Vista


This guy is a liar and an idiot [“Bruce Lightner, city council party crasher,” March 23]!

He has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to Ray Ellis! He can’t even get the name of the town Ray lives in right. You have no idea how Ray has taken care of all of his nieces and nephews and paid for their college and given them a roof over their heads! He came from a dirt-poor, messed-up family and made something of himself! Which, by the way, he created many many jobs! Stop the lying and stop shaming people for being successful. Last time I saw, [Lightner] lives in a big mansion in La Jolla! However, he has not created one job!

ktclapp, via


Walking home after work the other evening, I had an epiphany; a solution to keeping the Chargers in San Diego and relocating them to a dream downtown location [“Putting the ‘aid’ in a convadium,” March 2]. I was walking on Seventh Avenue next to Petco Park when it hit me: Stack ‘em! Build the Chargers a stadium on top of Petco Park!

Now, before you guffaw at this suggestion, let’s consider the possible schematics. Humans have a nuclear powered drone on Mars. Humans have walked on the moon. Coronado Bridge. The London Bridge is in Arizona. We can build it, man!

One problem is that football stadiums are much larger than baseball stadiums. However, if you look at the area that Petco Park encompasses, including the field, seating area, park area and surrounding buildings, it may be more than large enough to act as a foundation for a football stadium. Also, an overhead above Petco may cut out that early inning glare in the outfield during day games.

The most important thing to consider is that, to my knowledge, this has never been done before. It would be the modern equivalent of a Roman Coliseum in today’s world of sports. Even cities vying for a chance to host the Olympics haven’t come up with anything this insanely grand to entice that non-partial committee.

And parking? Parking! Ha, ha, ha! What the? I forgot about parking!

Benny A. McFadden, Downtown San Diego


In response to Kirk Mather’s letter to the editor [“City Versus County,” March 9], California has the only State Constitution that makes cities, and not counties, responsible for housing the poor. This creates a further problem in that federal money is appropriated to counties, and not cities. This is one reason that California has, arguably, more homeless than the other 49 states combined.

Dr. John Kitchin, Publisher, San Diego Homeless News


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