April 5 2016 03:14 PM

Entombed A.D., Spencer Moody, Lindi Ortega and more shows we’re stoked about this week

Seth Bogart

Wednesday, April 6

PLAN A: Spencer Moody, Iska Dhaaf, Gothic Tropic @ The Casbah. Spencer Moody is best known as the frontman of The Murder City Devils, though he's had other bands since, including noisy punks Smoke & Smoke. This time around he's flying solo, but I don't expect him to be rocking any less than usual. PLAN B: Tuft, Holiday Friends, Fellow Bohemian, Future Age @ Soda Bar. Tuft used to be called Hi-Ho Silver Oh, so I can say with certainty that they made the right move. Their dreamily layered indie rock, however, sounds great no matter what name they're using.

Thursday, April 7

PLAN A: Amon Amarth, Entombed A.D., Exmortus @ House of Blues. Entombed A.D. is the current incarnation of legendary Swedish death metal band Entombed, who have since fully morphed into a rip-roaring death 'n' roll band. If you like your metal a little more fun, or your rock 'n' roll with more grime and maximum heaviness, don't miss this one. PLAN B: Pissed Regardless, Eukaryst, Griever, Deep Sea Thunder Beast @ The Casbah. Or you could opt for a show full of some of the best local metal bands. And this one's even more worth your time because proceeds from the show go to benefit AIDS Lifecycle, a bike ride organized to raise money for the fight against AIDS/HIV.

Friday, April 8

PLAN A: The Seth Bogart Show, Las Robertas, Matt Bahamas, Clinebell Express @ The Hideout. Seth Bogart is best known as the frontman for Hunx and His Punx, and he's bringing a solo performance to our fair city, sure to be chock full of sass and catchy hooks. PLAN B: Bit Maps, Kenseth Thibideau, Le Chateau @ Whistle Stop. A good way to spend a Friday night is with three great local artists. Bit Maps just wrapped up an 8-bit version of their recent album On Demand Living, and maybe if you're lucky you'll get to hear some chiptune gems. BACKUP PLAN: SWMRS, Partybaby, Nancy Sin, Pumphouse @ Che Cafe.

Saturday, April 9

PLAN A: Desert Generator Fest w/ Red Fang, Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band, Acid King, Golden Void, Ecstatic Vision @ Pappy & Harriet's. Who's up for a road trip? Take a trek out to the desert if you want to catch a roundup of great psych, metal and stoner rock bands who capture the desert vibes with maximum volume. PLAN B: Lindi Ortega, The Walcotts, The Liquorsmiths @ The Casbah. Alt-country singer/songwriter Lindi Ortega blends a vintage country sound with upbeat rock 'n' roll grit and a smoky, torch-song sensibility that David Lynch would approve of. If you like your twang with a dose of Roy Orbison, you should definitely be here. BACKUP PLAN: The Schizophonics, Gloomsday, Hiroshima Mockingbirds, DJs Mike, Anja Stax, Mighty Manfred @ Til-Two Club.

Sunday, April 10

PLAN A: Operators, Bogan Via @ Soda Bar. Wolf Parade recently announced their reunion after a few years apart, but singer and guitarist Dan Boeckner has a new band, Operators, who make their San Diego debut this week. He's got a pretty good track record, so I'm optimistic about his latest effort.

Monday, April 11

PLAN A: Tough Age, Young Hunter, The Killer Hz @ Soda Bar. Tough Age hail from Vancouver and play a fun and fuzzy style of power pop that's hard not to love. Their songs are almost impossibly catchy, and you'll be sure to have them stuck in your head for days afterward. BACKUP PLAN: Peelander-Z, The Touchies @ The Casbah.

Tuesday, April 12

PLAN A: Diarrhea Planet, Music Band, The Soaks @ Soda Bar. Read my feature this week on Nashville's Diarrhea Planet, who are one of America's best rock bands, despite a name that might make your stomach turn. They'll be one of the best bands you see all year. I'm not shitting you.


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