April 13 2016 12:54 AM

The story behind this week's cat-tastic cover

Jessica Bradford and Harvey

The first-ever cover image showcasing the contents of a Well, That Was Awkward column was taken by Jessica Bradford (pictured), wife of CityBeat columnist and web editor Ryan Bradford. A feline fanatic, Ryan focused on a performance by the Acro-Cats, a traveling cat circus. “My memories from this photo are fuzzy,” Ryan said. “What I do remember is a star-struck feeling so intense that it registered as a blinding white light. After The Rock Cats finished their set, the audience rushed the stage to meet the cats. I asked my wife, ‘Can you get a picture of me with the band?’ We weren’t allowed to touch any of the cats, which— in addition to my natural fear of the tambourine-playing chicken—explains my goofy, hesitant lean in.” Ryan asked Jessica if she wanted to add any backstory. “Just make us sound cool,” she said. Mission accomplished.


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