April 19 2016 04:49 PM

Marina Grize, Ben Strauss-Malcolm and Edwin Negado hip you to new artists, shows and works

    Installation by Tom Driscoll
    Photo by Jolee Pink/blog.wabisabigreen.com

    In this semi-regular department, we ask some of our favorite local artists and curators what new shows or artists are worth checking out. Whether it's a particular piece, an entire exhibition or just a current obsession, here are some artsy options from eyes we trust.

    "A Comprehensive Survey of Australasian Snakes" by Samuel Dunscombe and Judith Hamann
    Photo by Marina Grize

    Marina Grize—Creative Director, San Diego Art Institute

    "I'm interested in work that can challenge our senses. A stand-out piece at UC San Diego's recent 'Springfest' event was Samuel Dunscombe and Judith Hamann's sound installation, 'A Comprehensive Survey of Australasian Snakes' which is a cubby-like room—large enough for only two people to stand at the same time—with a musical composition emanating. It was at once meditative, and in a way, a poetic moment amongst the light and sound performances happening simultaneously in the space." samueldunscombe.com

    "Blue Mind, 2008" by Tom Driscoll

    Ben Strauss-Malcolm—Director, Quint Gallery

    "I'd recommend the Tom Driscoll exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art (704 Pier View Way). Having watched Tom's work grow and evolve ever since he moved here 12 years ago, it was nice to see such a nice survey of his work in such a small space. I especially enjoyed seeing the intimate smaller objects in relationship to his larger sculptures. I loved the two or three action gestural line pieces. They're sculptural pieces and they're really strong next to his cluster of cast objects made from found material. I also like that Tom kept the exhibition monochromatic which really emphasizes the material and the use of the material." oma-online.org

    "Emanations No. 2" by Russell Wood

    Edwin Negado— Founder and Director, Gym Standard

    "Russell Wood's Emanations installation at Coffee and Tea Collective (through May 12 at 2911 El Cajon Blvd.) in North Park is the second stage of a continuing series that uses light to explore the history of the physical universe. It's a follow-up to his 2014 exhibition, Vermiculations + Originations, which examined the very moment the physical universe was created. Emanations examines the parallels between the progress of the physical universe, biological systems, societal systems and the progress of technology. With light beams radiating from wooden structures, the exhibition allows people to interact with the light in an almost tactile way." russelltwood.com


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