April 19 2016 05:19 PM

Seven songs you can put in your pipe and smoke

The Soaks

It only makes sense to augment this week's Notes from the Smoking Patio—pun very much intended—with a playlist of weedian San Diego jams. Now, personally, I'm not one to partake (no judgment, just not my cup of tea) but that being said there's a lot of local music that's either made under the influence of weed or replicates the high. Tune into this bong-rattling seven-track playlist.

JOY: "Under the Spell"

I don't know for sure that "Under the Spell" isn't a euphemism, but JOY's druggy psych-rock music certainly has an intoxicating quality about it, this instrumental intro providing some nice atmosphere for what's to follow.

Amigo: "Cosmo Blaster"

The thick, noxious riffs of stoner rock have always been much more appealing to me than the embarrassing white-dude reggae that keeps getting regurgitated on the radio. Local riffmeisters Amigo provide their share of big, smoky guitars here.

Wavves: "Weed Demon"

Admittedly, I'm including this mostly for the use of the word "Weed" in the title, but Wavves' ultra lo-fi slacker punk is a fine complement to getting wasted and doing nothing in particular.

The Soaks: "TV Life"

The Soaks have their own merch with sketches of marijuana leaves on it, so it seemed only natural to include a track pick, in particular this fuzzy and peppy number about a couch-ridden lifestyle.

Tall Can and Generik: "Green Skies - Nothing to Do"

Tall Can and Generik seem to take inspiration from a wide array of psychedelics, but it's no doubt laced with THC, as on this suitably trippy standout that finds the local hip-hop duo seeing green.

Wild Wild Wets: "UK Drugs"

Wild Wild Wets most likely took the name of this song from a certain generation of psychedelic British post-punk bands, but it still works. Their effects are heavy and disorienting, and their melodies addictive.

Earthless: "Sonic Prayer"

The dudes in Earthless have gone on record as being non-stoners. Interesting, then, that they make music that would indicate the opposite. They are, in certain moments, a bit like a really heavy jam band, and this 20-plus-minute epic is a spacey way to ride out your high.


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