April 20 2016 01:22 PM

Our readers tell us what they think


    Witch doctor??? My God, what is your problem?

    Mother Teresa was one of the greatest humanitarians of our century [“Why the church is in a hurry to canonize Mother Teresa,” April 6]. Your editors were asleep at the wheel when they let this poisonous, personal, anti-religious tirade get printed.

    Una Nelson-White, via sdcitybeat.com


    With all the attention to a downtown football stadium I’m waiting for the mayor to “jump forward in the foxhole” and remind everyone of his decision on the Mission Valley location [“Padres v Chargers: Dawn of Injustice?”, April 6]. Didn’t he spend more than two million dollars of taxpayer money on his select commission to reach this conclusion? Let’s hold his feet to the fire.

    Ed Grier, La Mesa


    It is possible to construct a new stadium in San Diego with no new costs to the city [“The folly of oversized tax hikes,” March 30]. It must be built downtown adjacent to Petco Park. Building it downtown is advantageous for two reasons. First, it must have a roof that allows it to become an “event center.” Second, it must be downtown to utilize Gaslamp Quarter and other restaurants and bars before and after events, as well as downtown hotels. This event center can be used more than 200 days a year, like the center in Indianapolis.

    Placing it downtown allows the selling and redevelopment of the Qualcomm site, and building with a roof allows the selling of the sports arena site. This plan puts both sites back in the private sector. Selling both sites should provide about $250 million for the new center.

    The next move is to use the old redevelopment concept of having local agencies agree to defer the new property taxes from this new private property for 10 years. The city can zone these properties to make them very attractive. The deferment of taxes is better for the local agencies than the deal not going through and getting nothing. The deferred property taxes should net another $250 million over the 10- year period. After the 10-year deferral, this additional income would be a windfall for the city, county and public schools.

    The NFL and Dean Spanos have already said they will contribute $300 million. The new naming rights should be worth $250 million over the 30-year bonding period.

    The new “event center” should contribute more than 200 events a year. In addition to the Chargers, that will make substantial money. Thus, the center itself should contribute minimally $300 million over the 30-year bonding period. The combination of the various revenues adds up to sufficient financing to build a quality center without new cash from the city or county.

    This public/private ownership of a new “event center” in downtown San Diego would benefit San Diegans who might wish to go to basketball games, hockey games, concerts, NCAA events, national political party conventions, as well as the Chargers and Aztec football games and Super Bowls. The coordination with the convention center is obvious. Let us not forget that tourism is our number-one private business in San Diego. This “event center” can create thousands of jobs in the center, restaurants, and hotels.

    James C. Wilson, San Diego


    I am 70 years old but I enjoy reading your publication. (Edwin Decker is great.)

    Here we are facing the worst presidential election of my lifetime and maybe ever [“Local pols mum on presidential candidates,” March 23]. The best candidates have already dropped out.

    Eight years ago, the Democrats had to have made a deal. If she dropped out now, we’ll make you president next time. Look at the opponent. Some old duffer with no chance of winning. The Republicans are no better.

    No matter who wins, the country loses. Please keep printing political articles for all the good they will do.

    Ronald E. Long, San Diego


    As infuriating as this instance [with former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger] may be [“Nuñez release points to need for clemency reform,” April 13], I think our parole and clemency system, as a whole, is vastly stingier than we realize.

    icantstop, via sdcitybeat.com


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