Low and Be Told

Former members of The Marsupials and Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver have started a new project called Low and Be Told. The band features Marsupials vocalist Doug Thompson and drummer Darrin Lee and Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver bass player George Vidaurri, as well as guitarist Frank Blackcat, who previously played in hardcore bands in Palm Desert. The band's first show was April 24 at the Whistle Stop.

Thompson says they're deciding what they want to do next. "We just played our first show," he says, during a conversation at Krakatoa in Golden Hill. "The first one went so well that we're gung-ho and ready to play more. We're debating now whether to start recording or get some stickers or shirts made. We'll definitely record as long as the money comes in to pay for it."

Right now, Low and Be Told have eight songs, including a couple cover songs (which Thompson won't name, for the sake of not spoiling the surprise). Ostensibly, Low and Be Told is a punk band, though Thompson says they're not a very straightforward one, since each member brings different influences to the table.

"Part of the beauty of the Marsupials is that there were four different people coming from four different places, and there wasn't one person dictating our style," he says. "Right now, Frank is mostly writing all the songs, but it gets muddied by our influences. We all put our two cents in."

After a strong first show, Low and Be Told are energized and working on more material. They're still fresh, Thompson stresses, so the future of the band is wide open.

"We're all young—well, we're all old," he jokes. "But we're young as a band. We've just been playing for a few months."


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