Three former members of Taurus Authority have started a new band. It's called NST (pronounced "Nasty," if you're so inclined) and features drummer Jake Najor, bassist Christian Schinelli and saxophonist/flautist Harold Todd, who also performs in Lenny Kravitz's band. The three musicians have performed together in the past, and the new project is just a natural extension of a long history of playing music in different forms together.

"We all have a history," says Schinelli, in an interview at Swami's in North Park. "We all happened to be in Taurus Authority and our paths just realigned. We started rehearsing and realized we worked well together. There's a mutual respect, no ego. There's none of that."

The group plays soulful, instrumental jazz and funk, and has posted a couple of rehearsal videos on Facebook that showcase the kind of style they'll be playing together. The band will also invite in other artists for various live performances, ranging from other musicians to poets.

"It's just to keep it interesting for us, but it's also for the audience's benefit," Najor says. "It's not going to be the same thing every time."

Najor, Schinelli and Todd are no longer playing with Taurus Authority, though they say the separation was on good terms and without any ill will. They also say they intend to stand apart from other soul jazz bands by having a versatile and open-ended approach to the kind of music they play.

"The whole soul jazz thing has been done," Schinelli says. "The songs are pretty consistent from band to band. So we're trying to avoid playing any songs that other bands are doing. We want it to have different flavors."

NST make their live debut at the Adams Avenue Integrative Health Stage on June 4 at the Art Around Adams festival.


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