May 31 2016 03:14 PM

La Luz, Joyce Manor, The So So Glos and other shows we’re stoked about this week

The Budos Band

Wednesday, June 1

PLAN A: Modern Baseball, Joyce Manor, Thin Lips @ House of Blues. Modern Baseball is cool enough, but I'm recommending this show specifically for Joyce Manor, whose two-minute bursts of punk rock are like audible caffeine. It's hard not to feel good listening to them, even if their songs are about feeling bad. PLAN B: Voivod, King Parrot, Child Bite, Nukem @ Brick by Brick. Canadian sci-fi thrash metal outfit Voivod have been trucking for around three decades now, and only getting more sophisticated with time. Rock out while trying to follow a convoluted dystopian plotline.

Thursday, June 2

PLAN A: Yeasayer, Young Magic, Miya Follick @ Observatory North Park. Yeasayer's recorded output has had some fits and starts, but the arty pop outfit has had their share of electronic gems. And "2080," at nearly 10 years old, is still a jam. BACKUP PLAN: Taken by Canadians, Jimmy Ruelas, Mrs. Henry, DJ Lexicon Devil @ The Casbah.

Friday, June 3

PLAN A: The Budos Band, Ocelot @ Belly Up Tavern. The Budos Band combine funkiness and heaviness with grooves from Afrobeat and Ethiopian jazz. It's about a half-dozen things I love in one package, and once you hear 'em, you'll love it, too. BACKUP PLAN: Jello Biafra's Incredibly Strange Dance Party w/ Jello Biafra (DJ set), Shady Francos, Mike and Anja Stax DJ set @ The Hideout.

Saturday, June 4

PLAN A: The So So Glos, Honduras, The Kabbs @ Soda Bar. The So So Glos aren't local, but the New York group did team up with San Diego musical hero John Reis for new album Kamikaze. Naturally, it's a super fun mix of punk energy and big hooks, and I'm into it. PLAN B: The Obsessed, Karma to Burn, Sierra, Archons @ Brick by Brick. When great metal shows happen in town, they seem to come in clusters. One of this week's is doom metal titans The Obsessed, who will bring the slow-mo thunder. BACKUP PLAN: Three Mile Pilot, The Dabbers @ The Casbah.

Sunday, June 5

PLAN A: Eric Bachmann, John Meeks @ Soda Bar. If you missed it, go back and read my feature last week on Eric Bachmann, former frontman of Archers of Loaf and Crooked Fingers. His new self-titled album is just as tuneful as anything he's done before, with wonderfully lush arrangements. PLAN B: Armored Saint, Metal Church, Sin Circus, Alchemy @ Brick by Brick. Alternately, if you need to throw some horns, catch two iconic thrash metal bands on one stage right here. BACKUP PLAN: Adia Victoria, Dreams Made Flesh, AJ Froman @ The Casbah.

Monday, June 6

PLAN A: Prince live tribute @ The Office. Generally speaking, I don't think most musicians should get anywhere near a Prince song. They're so good that they usually end up getting ruined. But considering the local talent at this tribute show, including members of Blackout Party, NST and The Palace Ballroom, I'm going to make an exception. Make me proud, everyone. PLAN ME: The Gory Details, Zombie Surf Camp, Blood Ponies @ The Casbah. Here's where I'll actually be on 6/6/16—playing a show opening for reuniting ghoul punks The Gory Details. I'm all for transparency, so consider this disclaimer "If I Were Me."

Tuesday, June 7

PLAN A: Eyehategod, Griever, Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Cryptic Languages @ Brick by Brick. Sludge metal doesn't get more gnarly or awesome than that of New Orleans' Eyehategod. They put on a fun show while delivering some nasty, churning and heavy sounds. PLAN B: La Luz, The Gloomies, Splavender @ Soda Bar. As much as I'd like to call an embargo on surf rock for the foreseeable future, Seattle's La Luz are an exception worth making. They have great hooks and melodies, which make up for a well-worn aesthetic. BACKUP PLAN: Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, YFN Lucci @ Observatory North Park.


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