May 31 2016 04:43 PM

Adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby being funded via Kickstarter

    The Dabbers

    The Dabbers are set to provide music for a film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's novel Lullaby. The film, which is going to be directed by Andy Mingo, is currently raising money for production via Kickstarter. More than 80 percent of its $250,000 goal has been met, with two weeks left before deadline. Filming will begin in late 2016 if the goal is met.

    This isn't the first time The Dabbers' Zack Wentz has worked with Mingo on a project.

    "I've known Andy for quite a while," says Zack Wentz in a phone interview from his home. "I've done some degree of soundtrack work on a short film called Romance, adapted from a short story that Chuck did for Playboy. That was just a poke at doing a feature length thing."

    Wentz and his wife and bandmate Shelby have a lot of unreleased music they're likely to dip into once the project begins. It's likely to also feature some newly recorded scoring and music from Zack Wentz's other project, (Charles) Book and Record with Taj Easton.

    "We have so much music that we haven't really worried about having to make something new," says Shelby Wentz. "I've never done music for a movie before but I assume they're going to show us some scenes and we'll figure out what works best with them."

    For now, it's still early in the planning stages, but once the film starts coming together, Zack Wentz says he expects they'll approach the soundtrack with a diverse array of music in mind.

    "It's gonna be all over the place," he says. "Some of it'll be stuff we already had. It's going to be a combination of approaches. It'll all be new to me."


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