Members of Age of Collapse and Gloomsday have started up a new band called Polish. The group features Age of Collapse's Xavier Hernandez on guitar and vocals, Gloomsday's Lori Sokolowski on bass and vocals, Mega Crane's Matthew Donnert on drums and Winterbloom's Michael Hawkins on guitar. The group started up last year as a Pixies cover band for a Halloween show, but after working on a set of covers, they decided they wanted to make some new songs together.

"We'd been practicing for a few months before that show and decided we wanted to do something original with the same people," says Hernandez, in a phone interview.

Polish (as in nail polish) have played two shows to date, most recently opening for Arbor Labor Union at The Hideout. Hernandez says there was no specific objective to the band at first, though playing other people's songs helped them figure out what they wanted to do.

"We're all about the same age, and we all like the same music—indie rock-type stuff," he says. "We still kinda centered around the Pixies since every song of theirs has kind of a different vibe. We're not really being held to one specific sound, just trying to make it sound interesting."

The band has released a handful of tracks on their Bandcamp page, and have recorded more that they're planning on releasing soon. And when they do, another live show will likely coincide.

"We recorded about nine songs as part of a demo type thing," says Hernandez. "We don't have anything set up right now but we'll hopefully soon be booking an official release show for the nine-song demo."


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