June 14 2016 04:30 PM

Tiny Moving Parts, Curren$y, Federico Aubele and other shows we’re stoked about this week

Cheap Girls

Wednesday, June 15

PLAN A: Valient Thorr, Pears, The Lumps @ Soda Bar. Valient Thorr is for all intents and purposes a Southern rock band, but a super fun, significantly heavier Southern rock band. Fronted by a burly Viking dude. I mean, you're already there, right? PLAN B: KIND, Salem's Bend, Garth Algar, Beira @ Brick by Brick. Are you ready for some doom? I know I am (side note: I usually am). Tonight Boston's KIND and L.A.'s Salem's Bend top a bill full of righteous riff-monsters that'll make your evening much more crushing.

Thursday, June 16

PLAN A: Creepers, Nylon Apartments @ Whistle Stop. Last week, local post-punk/darkwave trio Nylon Apartments graced our cover. They're one of San Diego's best new bands, and you should catch them with Creepers, a shoegazey Deafheaven side project. PLAN B: Curren$y @ Observatory North Park. New Orleans rapper Curren$y has a deep bench of songs about weed, cars, weed, video games, weed and more weed. Even if you're not a smoker, you'll enjoy a hit of his hip-hop jams. BACKUP PLAN: Jaill, Subtropics, Half Eaten @ Soda Bar.

Friday, June 17

PLAN A: Tiny Moving Parts, Prawn, Free Throw, The Wild Fires @ House of Blues. Tiny Moving Parts combines guitar heroism with grace, and emotion with technical skill. They rock when they need to, but you'll likely be more enthralled with their finger-tapping abilities. PLAN B: The Muffs, Claw Hammer, Schizophonics, The Touchies @ The Casbah. The Muffs have been playing super-fun power pop for more than two decades, and still hit the spot. Be prepared to pogo. BACKUP PLAN: Tokyo Police Club, We Were Promised Jetpacks @ Belly Up Tavern.

Saturday, June 18

PLAN A: Cheap Girls, Santa Ana Knights, Russian Tremors @ Soda Bar. Punk's in a good place right now. The melodies are good, the energy's high, and everyone's apparently listening to a lot of Springsteen. Cheap Girls check off all these boxes with their tuneful rock jams that never lose their flavor. PLAN B: Zoë Keating @ AMSD Concerts. Read Matt Baldwin's feature this week on cellist Zoë Keating, whose innovative one-woman take on chamber music sets her apart from both contemporary classical and pop music. It's unlike anything you'll hear this week. BACKUP PLAN: Devildriver, Holy Grail, Incite, Hemlock, Daemos @ Brick by Brick.

Sunday, June 19

PLAN A: Total Chaos, Resilience, The Velisha, The Hathcocks @ Brick by Brick. Sunday night's alright for punk rock. Grab the Elmer's glue and get those Liberty spikes up high. Total Chaos is gonna get a circle pit going.

Monday, June 20

PLAN A: Federico Aubele, Bossa Bebe @ The Casbah. Argentine singer/songwriter Federico Aubele has been making eclectic, exotic pop records for more than a decade, combining dance, folk, pop and lounge styles into something unconventional but easy to like.

Tuesday, June 21

PLAN A: The Blank Tapes, The Pesos, The Rotten Mangoes @ The Casbah. Southern California psych is getting to the point of self-parody, but that doesn't mean there aren't still some great bands in the genre worthy of attention. Like The Blank Tapes, who do reverb and fuzz better than most. BACKUP PLAN: Secret Drum Band, TJO is Tara Jane OíNeil, Penis Hickey @ Tower Bar.


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