Photo by Candice Eley

And on the seventh day, the Lord rested. As do most of us after a long week of toil and tribulation. If we're being honest, it begins on the sixth day; if we're really being honest it begins somewhere around the middle of the fifth. Yet we keep the Sabbath sacred for that holiest of Sunday rituals: the booze brunch. No other institution pairs day drinking with waffles and whipped cream, and afterward most likely a nap on the couch while Netflixing old episodes of Bob's Burgers. As the Lord intended.

How you prefer to consume and imbibe on the holiest of days depends on whether you're the traditional bourgie champagne type, or perhaps more eclectic in your tastes. And despite an au courant brunch backlash among contrarians, there's no uniform way to drink your way to enlightenment on Sunday morning. In fact, if all you're looking for is a pint of beer and some fried chicken, that's easily arranged at Tiger! Tiger! Tavern in North Park (3025 El Cajon Blvd.), whose fried chicken sandwich is among the best in town (ditto the coconut donuts), and their rotating dozens of beers on tap provide a hoppy complement.

A more traditional booze brunch can be found at Brooklyn Girl in Mission Hills (4033 Goldfinch St.), whose Smokey Bloody enhances the typically savory cocktail with a thick cut bacon. That might not necessarily pair so great with the wood-oven French toast, but an Easy Like..., with violet liqueur and Prosecco, just might. That and you can order in the form of your best Lionel Richie impression.

Maybe you'd prefer to eat brunch under a giant beast's head while listening to a playlist of death metal. I know I certainly do. Then thank the Dark Lord for Kindred (1503 30th St.) in South Park, whose brunch is entirely vegan (coffee comes with soy milk, for instance) and musical selections exclusively metal. Its cocktail selection, however, is likely the best reason to come, including the beer-forward Barrier Reefer, which was served in a take-home Satanic tiki mug (they seem to have sold out). Hail brunch!


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