An Old Fashioned at Imperial House
Photo by Ryan Bradford

One of the joys of growing up is drinking with your parents. There's nothing more humanizing than seeing your mom and dad tipsy, spill their guts and act silly, and realizing they're just stumbling through life like you.

But going out to bars with your parents isn't really very fun because, generally, bars are meant for people looking to hook up, forget about the troubles of life or just be social. For the most part, they're also loud and smelly. Your parents don't need that.

So in the spirit of the Fifth Commandment, here are a couple drinking establishments that are chill enough for your mom and dad.

Beer is a safe bet with parents, who might balk at the frivolity and preciousness of the craft cocktail scene (not to mention the price), and Thorn Street Brewery (3176 Thorn St.) may perhaps be the most unassuming brewery to rise out of the craft beer explosion in the past couple years. It's generally quiet, and its location nestled deep in North Park gives it a friendly, neighborhood feel.

Clem's Tap House (4108 Adams Ave.) also offers the type of quiet intimacy that parents prefer. The place is cozy, but its selection of beer and wine is masterfully curated so there's not any garbage on the menu. Plus, it's owned by the Kasawdish family, owners of Clem's Bottle House, which has one of the most varied beer selections in the city.

Imperial House (505 Kalmia St.) is one of the more chill places to catch sip on a classy cocktail. It's in Bankers Hill, another great place for parents. It also helps if your parents are "gumshoes from the '40s," because this place is super noir: dim lighting, well-dressed servers, killer Old Fashioneds—all this place needs is a lonely saxophonist and hard-edged voiceover to complete the ensemble.


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