June 21 2016 02:56 PM

Pity Sex, case/lang/veirs, Cherry Glazerr and more shows we’re stoked about this week

David J

Wednesday, June 22

PLAN A: Nothing, Culture Abuse, Wrong @ Soda Bar. This Philly group might be called Nothing because of the bleak nihilism at the heart of their music, but it's certainly substantial in sound. Like a heavier version of Failure or My Bloody Valentine, they're all about layers of effects-laden guitars, and I'm into it. PLAN B: case/lang/veirs, Andy Shauf @ Humphreys by the Bay. Neko Case, k.d. lang and Laura Veirs are now making music together, and their combined talent is pretty much off the charts. If haunting songwriting and immaculate vocal abilities are your thing, you need to be here.

Thursday, June 23

PLAN A: Cherry Glazerr, Sex Stains, The Buttertones @ The Irenic. It's hard not to get behind a band named for a KCRW radio personality, though their dreamy, garagey indie rock sound is ultimately what makes Cherry Glazerr a band worth seeing. PLAN B: Radkey, All People, Fake Tides @ Soda Bar. Missouri's Radkey formed in an effort to save the world from Nickelback, and so far they haven't succeeded just yet, but their beefy, high-energy rock 'n' roll is definitely a step in the right direction. BACKUP PLAN: Eraserfase, Caliens, Tall Can & Generik, Mystery Cave, Dayla, DJ Tec @ The Hideout.

Friday, June 24

PLAN A: Holy Wave, Amerikan Bear @ The Hideout. Holy Wave play psychedelic rock that pairs nicely with grass fields and summer days and just spacing out and doing nothing in particular. Come and get some sweet, summertime psych. PLAN B: The Mattson 2, Montalban Quintet, Krass Bros. @ The Casbah. The Mattson 2 aren't quite surf rock, not really jazz, and not necessarily anything else, either. The duo are brothers who play instrumental music that's both chill and utterly dazzling—and with a double-neck guitar, no less. BACKUP PLAN: Sonny and the Sunsets, Sarah Bethe Nelson, The Gloomies @ Soda Bar.

Saturday, June 25

PLAN A: David J, Birdy Bardot, Sacri Monti, others @ Leucadia Roadside Park. Goth legend David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) is usually best heard and seen at night, but he's performing an afternoon show in Leucadia Roadside Park as part of Summer Fun on the 101. Start off your summer dressed in black. PLAN B: Venom Inc., Necrophagia, Morphesia, Dark Measure @ Brick by Brick. Venom Inc. is the current incarnation of metal pioneers Venom, who have been dispensing riffs and blasphemy for more than 30 years. Only Satan can be responsible for that kind of longevity.

Sunday, June 26

PLAN A: Pity Sex, PWR BTTM, Petal @ The Irenic. Pity Sex's music is neither as sad nor silly as their name suggests, but there are definitely emotions involved. More importantly, really big sounding guitars are also involved, so that's fun. PLAN B: Sacri Monti, Dead Feathers, Ocelot, Desert Suns @ The Merrow. If you need your heavy psychedelic rock fix for the week, there's no better bet than this show, which lines up a couple of our region's most colossal heavy psych acts, all of whom bring a truck full of riffs and powerful room-filling sound.

Monday, June 27

PLAN A: Ape Machine, Red Wizard, Death Eyes @ The Casbah. Ape Machine are a hard-rocking group of dudes from Portland, Oregon, that have the riffs and energy you need on a Monday night. Grab a few cold ones and rock out. PLAN B: International Dipshit, Bitchiní Seahorse, Zombie Barbie @ Soda Bar. I mean, I can't avoid recommending a show featuring a band called International Dipshit. Or Bitchin' Seahorse, for that matter.

Tuesday, June 28

PLAN A: DJ Artistic's Hip-Hop Battle Bot w/ The Beatnuts, Zoolay @ The Casbah. The Beatnuts have been a staple of underground hip-hop since the '90s, and they've still got some science to drop. You probably would recognize their hit "Off the Books," but be ready for some solid beats and rhymes on the whole.


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