June 21 2016 03:49 PM

Worst Coast Scenario out this week on CD, cassette


Gloomsday has announced a proper physical release of their new album Worst Coast Scenario. Quietly, the album first was posted to Bandcamp in December of last year and was recorded more than a year ago. However, the band is releasing it on CD and cassette next week, and a vinyl release will follow later this summer (clogs at pressing plants have resulted in delays of six months or longer). They've been sitting on the album for a while until they had a chance to give it proper attention, and they put some time into figuring out the best method of release.

"We held on to it for a while," says guitarist/vocalist Justin Cota in a phone interview. "We were just trying to figure out all of our options—when to release it, who to go through for cassettes, vinyl, CD."

Worst Coast Scenario follows 2013's Paradise Tossed (they're keeping the pun titles intact), making it a good three years since their last album. The general approach to the music is the same, however, with Cota and drummer Lori Sokolowski playing a heavy, garagey rock 'n' roll style.

"Because our sound is easy to work with, there isn't a drastic change," Cota says. "Worst Coast Scenario is less heavy. The song structures are a little more simple."

Gloomsday will be playing a release show on Friday, June 24, at Shaper Studios in North Park with The End and Fresh Brunettes. They're planning on doing a series of short regional tours in the U.S. throughout the year, as well. Now that they have something that people can actually put their hands on, Cota says that they're ready to give it some proper promotion.

"We've been sitting on it so long, we haven't had a chance to just push this album out there," he says. "We've been playing older material, so now we can focus on the new material. We're just going to be playing a lot more shows."


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