June 21 2016 05:23 PM

Robert Pincus, Meegan Nolan and Lizbeth Price hip us to new artists, shows and works

“Burning Palm” by Perry Vasquez
Photo courtesy of the artist

In this semi-regular department, we ask some of our favorite local artists, writers and curators what new shows or artists are worth checking out. Whether it's a particular piece, an entire exhibition or just a current obsession, here are some artsy options from eyes we trust.

Meegan Nolan — Owner, Low Gallery and Education Director, San Diego Art Institute

"For the first time I went to the airport with the sole intention of looking at art. Point of Entry has 14 different artists. The exhibition explores geographical and cultural borders, both real and perceived. Standout pieces to me are The AjA Project's 'Flight and Path,' Kate Clark's 'Border Rub' and Cat Chiu Phillips 'Barong/Guyabara' which all seem to explore the simultaneous stark contrast of our cultures and sameness of our humanity. I also really liked the meticulously rendered landscapes of Tim Conaway. An artist living with Autism, Conaway has documented thousands of scenes with colored pencil and felt tip marker, all from his imagination."

Robert Pincus — Writer, curator and legendary arts critic

"I recently curated the Poetic: Artists in Visionary Mode exhibition [opening June 25 at the Cannon Art Gallery in Carslbad] featuring works from Eugenie Geb, DeLoss McGraw and Han Nguyen. I enjoy doing a themed show that brings together artists that are seemingly disparate or contrasting with each other, but each of these artists wants to encourage the viewer to have an intimate or contemplative experience with the work. Still, I like that they all work in a very different medium. Han's a wonderful photographer, DeLoss does these very lushly colored, lyrical watercolors, and Eugenie does these very haunting, insanely detailed, almost gothic pencil drawings."

DeLoss McGraw, Angel of Paradise

Eugenie Geb, Tornado

Lizbeth Price — Public Affairs Specialist for the Arts, San Diego State University

"This past weekend, I went to the Museum School Art Auction at Bread and Salt. It really is a great survey of local artists and I'm always blown away with how supportive the arts community is when it comes to an arts education cause. The standout piece for me was Perry Vasquez's piece 'Burning Palm.' It's a tall palm, all alone in the sky, bursting into flames. I talked to Perry about some of the loneliness I felt in the piece and he called that anima sola, a spanish phrase for a 'lonely soul' or an image depicting a soul in purgatory. That's exactly what I felt when I saw it. I lost my breath for a moment. My hometown, my place on earth, being consumed by flame with smoke rising in the sky."


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