June 22 2016 01:37 PM

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So I just read all the “10 Commandments of drinking” in your [June 15] issue. What a bunch of crap! But first, I did think I was over-reacting. Seeing as how I am 51, and can only drink wine now and then. But, I did live through the Punk Rock ’80s, married to musicians, and have stories that would blow any young mind away...but I digress.

I must say that I was kind of offended by the “10 Commandments” of drinking. To equate “drinking rules and places” to the 10 Commandments is really lame. Drinking (and over consumption) is what’s wrong with lots of people and the cause of lots of issues in my community of Ocean Beach.

And, to think that anyone who appreciates a nice cocktail with friends has to be told to go to “certain” cool and (lame) hip places is stupid. I really hoped the drinking youth of now would be more self-assured and not need to be told where and what to drink.

I guess I’m old if I’m emailing an editor and complaining about something I used to do religiously in my youth, but at least I’m old, cool, hip, and have a brain! And...religious.

Monica Rodriguez, Ocean Beach


I now know I live in a through-the-looking-glass world. Reading John R. Lamb’s Spin Cycle of June 15, I learned that gay activist and publisher Stampp Corbin wrote that Mayor Kevin Faulconer has “flushed his goodwill with our [gay] community down the toilet.” The reason: The mayor had the nerve to endorse Democrat Anthony Bernal for the District 3 city council seat. The problem—Bernal is straight, and Corbin goes on to state that, “District 3 is known for producing promising LGBT folk who go on to higher office.”

So, in plain English, the council district I live in is a gay set-aside.

Wow. We have gone full circle, from the era of discrimination, to the era of acceptance and tolerance, and now back to discrimination.

Maybe we should just carry this notion out to its logical conclusion: relocate all straight residents of the district elsewhere. If they will never be allowed to be considered for elected office in the district by virtue of their love preference, why continue to live there as second-class citizens?

Aaron De Groot, Mission Hills


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