June 28 2016 05:23 PM

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I'd heard about this ["Pastor: SDPD nixed street feedings for All-Star Game," June 22] from one of my Amikas board members who was collecting info for a phone app we are building to make it easier for homeless people to connect with the folks offering them food (FindMyFood.org). I thought it had to be a mistake. Sharp rocks...weekly sweeps...but not this! In April the San Diego City Council declared an emergency shelter crisis. Since then they have dealt with this crisis by cementing pointy rocks into the area under I-5 where many homeless people found refuge from the elements and by weekly purges of homeless people in makeshift tent and tarp shelters downtown. And now this...It makes me want to line these bullies up and give them all a swift kick in the shins!

Jeeni Criscenzo,
via sdcitybeat.com


I understand the concerns about improperly done street feedings. However, I have known James and Claudia Merino for years ["Pastor: SDPD nixed street feedings for All-Star Game," June 22]. They are compassionate, caring, loving, honest and reliable people who are truly motivated by their faith. I am very disturbed to hear the SDPD threatening their ministry for the benefit of the All-Star Game and feel compelled to speak out on their behalf.

There is clearly an effort underway to purge the homeless from downtown prior to the All-Star Game. I don't know which scares me more: 1) the mayor's office not telling the truth about "no such directive from the mayor's office regarding the All-Star Game" or 2) The SDPD and other city departments developing oppressive policies to deal with the homeless without any direction from the mayor's office. Either scenario is very troubling.

Tom Theisen,
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What a shame ["Pastor: SDPD nixed street feedings for All-Star Game," June 22]. To deny food to someone who is hungry and homeless just to show the world how beautiful and nice San Diego (aka America's Finest City) is. San Diego: America's Evil Ran City if you ask me.

Ron Goodwin,
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Regarding the "Trump has finally jumped the shark" editorial from June 8: Though any rational thinking person hopes it is the case, it is not a certainty that Trump has jumped the shark. For nearly a year, predictions that his comments were the last straw have not panned out. Among other things, you can chalk it up to: complicit media, extreme partisan politics, broken government, vast sums of money corrupting the political process and dumbed-down voters. Essentially, our system, and democracy are massively broken. While I'd like to be optimistic, I see few signs that the confluence of factors leading to the perfect storm and the resultant nomination of Trump are abating.

Dan Jacobs,
Mira Mesa


Get over it [SDPD addresses Barrio Logan invasion, June 8]. The police were there to break up the crowd that was told to leave. The people that got arrested were told to leave. They didn't and so they were arrested. It doesn't matter your race or color, but you need to respect law enforcement. If you feel you have been given an injustice then file a complaint after the fact. If you are going to let your ego get in the way of intelligent decisions then you will get what you deserve.

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One of the reasons there is so much homelessness in San Diego is because San Diego gave builders the option of building expensive high rises or low-to-moderate housing ["Veteran homelessness can be conquered...slowly," June 8]. Very few opted to have affordable units. There are more buildings all over downtown San Diego with available units.

In East Village we have the 47-floor monstrosity eyesore [condo] and they are going to build a twin. Next to it is a new, 12-story low-income building. Ballpark Village advertises low-income units but is not providing housing in its structure. Rents are very high in San Diego so people either need to move further out of the city or sleep in the street. The city needs to change the building codes but that is not going to happen under Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

Debby Shapiro,
San Diego


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