July 6 2016 10:47 AM

Lyrics Born, Kyle Craft, Royal Headache and more shows we’re stoked about this week

M. Ward


PLAN A: Dawn Patrol, Festering Grave, Killing Tyranny @ The Merrow. Dawn Patrol are a little bit punk, a little bit thrash metal and a whole lotta gnarly. If your week is beginning to sag and needs a swift kick in the ass, this’ll provide the jolt you need. PLAN B: Lyrics Born, Just Blackk, iD the Poet, DJs Artistic, Tramlife @ Belly Up Tavern. I’ll admit that it’s been a little while since I dug deep into Lyrics Born’s catalog, but the Bay Area emcee’s been doing great things with West Coast hip-hop since the first Latyrx album in the ’90s. He’s got some underrated classics that I’m sure will make the setlist.


PLAN A: Los Adictos Violentos, Rever, FLAKEs @ The Hideout. Tijuana’s Rumble Fest is presenting this showcase of bands from either side of the border. Los Adictos Violentos in particular are a badass bunch, playing fiery, high-energy rock ‘n’ roll that’ll get your weekend started with a bang (and a night early at that). PLAN B: Big Bloom, Splavender, Bad Vibes @ The Casbah. Big Bloom describe their sound as “lounge grunge,” and while I might not necessarily choose those words in particular, it’s not totally off the mark. Their music is damn good, though, and they’re releasing a new record. Support your local lounge grunge (or whatever) band.


PLAN A: Margaret Glaspy, Birdy Bardot @ Soda Bar. Margaret Glaspy kinda rocks, kinda leans a little toward over-precious twee, but if 2015 San Diego MVP Birdy Bardot is opening the show, then it gets my vote. PLAN B: The Mighty 388s @ Panama 66. For an earlier, family friendly and much funkier show, settle in at Panama 66 and take in the grooves of local soulsters The Mighty 388s, featuring NST’s Jake Najor and Sure Fire Soul Ensemble’s Tim Felten.


PLAN A: White Lung, Plague Vendor @ The Casbah. Read my feature this week on Vancouver’s White Lung, who have just released their best album, Paradise. It’s their most pop-friendly recording, but it’s still punk as fuck. PLAN B: Royal Headache, Teenage Burritos, Mexico City Rollers @ Soda Bar. Australia’s Royal Headache occupy a comfortable space between fuzzed-out garage rock, jangly pop and moody post-punk. Whichever effects they’re using on their guitars, they sound fantastic. BACKUP PLAN: Amigo the Devil, Bleak Skies, Hours @ The Merrow.


PLAN A: Kyle Craft @ The Casbah. Recent Sub Pop signee Kyle Craft is a tall, skinny dude with crazy hair, which means he’s at least halfway to being a rock star. Yet his T. Rex-meets-Springsteen roots-glam sound is what’ll put him over the top. Craft is one to keep your eyes (and ears) on. PLAN B: New Madrid, Jimmy Ruelas, Michael McGraw and the Butchers @ Soda Bar. New Madrid’s music is layered with dreamy, hypnotic and gorgeous guitars, which can sometimes be even more intoxicating than if they were overloaded with distortion. Soak in the sweet sounds and let New Madrid take you somewhere with their lullabies.


PLAN A: Miwi La Lupa @ Soda Bar. I’ll be upfront with you: I had no idea who Miwi La Lupa was before I started writing this week’s column. But it turns out he’s a great singer/ songwriter with a gentle and melancholy indie folk sound that I found immediately endearing. A strong way to start the week.


PLAN A: Underpass, Soft Kill, Crime Desire, DRAA @ Soda Bar. Naturally, I can’t resist a show full of synth-heavy post-punk and darkwave bands, so this one was always a lock for Plan A. In particular, I’m giving this show my seal of approval for Soft Kill, a Portland band with a Cure and Chameleons streak, and whose new album is due out via Profound Lore later this year. PLAN B: M. Ward, Nice As Fuck @ Belly Up Tavern. M. Ward is one of the most consistent indie folk songwriters out there, and at this show, he’s bringing along with him Nice As Fuck, the new sort-of-supergroup fronted by Jenny Lewis. Sounds like it’ll be a hoot. BACKUP PLAN: Falls of Rauros, Wayfarer, Old Man Wizard @ The Merrow.


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