From left: Erik Visnyak, Laura Levenhagen and Frank Green
Photo by Darren Bradley

Le Chateau is getting ready to release their second EP. Following their self-titled debut release, which was an ExtraSpecialGood pick in the 2015 Great Demo Review, the synth-pop trio has put the finishing touches on Brutalism, tentatively set for release later this summer. In a phone interview, the band’s members say that it came together more collaboratively and confidently than their first set of music.

“I think we kind of just forged ahead and went with how we were feeling,” says vocalist Laura Levenhagen. “The first EP, we were still finding our sound. After that we were solid. It just kind of came together naturally, really well.”

Frank Green, multi-instrumentalist, describes the album as being more aggressive than its predecessor, though he notes that the basic elements of their sound are still there. Le Chateau say they went through several versions and mixes of each songs to get the sound just right. And as a result, says multi-instrumentalist Erik Visnyak, there’s a lot more ear candy to consume.

“It’s more of a headphone record,” he says. “There are little things you can pick up after multiple listens.”

There isn’t a specific street date for the record just yet, as the band explores their options for how to release it. They’ve been looking into getting some label interest in the record in order to help with manufacturing and distribution of a physical release. In the meantime, they have a show lined up for July 29 at Whistle Stop, at which they’re likely to perform new songs from the upcoming EP.

“We’ve contacted a handful of labels,” says Green. “We’re not looking for a golden ticket. It’s hard to get a record label to go gaga over things. But we’d love to do a vinyl release or get some kind of financial backing.”


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