July 12 2016 04:06 PM

'The Fort Apache Sessions' being issued via Silver Girl

Red Dye No. 5

A lost 1996 album by Red Dye No. 5 is finally seeing the light of day. Silver Girl Records, which originally released the now defunct San Diego band's "Fuzzbomb" 7-inch, has announced it's releasing The Fort Apache Sessions. The LP is a collection of songs that were originally intended to be the band's major label debut in 1996, but never came to fruition. And back then, Silver Girl owner Keith York said he had originally wanted to release the album on his own label.

"We had put out their 7-inch with the assumption that we'd release their LP," he says in a phone interview. "It was a night or two before they were scheduled to record the LP, and they had been negotiating with a major label. They ended up signing with Flip Records. Naturally, I was upset."

Red Dye No. 5 were ultimately dropped from Flip before releasing the album, and the band broke up shortly after recording it. York ended up reconnecting with bass player James Reader, who had reacquired the masters from the label after they were shelved. However, he admits he doesn't have the full story as to why the band parted ways with the label.

"Why they got dropped...I honestly don't know what the real story is," he says. "The label had enough money and enough talent so that they either mutually quit or they got dropped, depending on who you ask."

Before getting a chance to dig through the masters, York had a CD-R copy of the unreleased he'd been listening to. And 20 years later, he still loves the album, despite the dysfunction between the label and band in the '90s.

"For me, it's a passion release," he says. "I was reaching into my CD collection and pulled out the CD-R, going 'gosh, this is such a great record.' I'm getting really great joy from bringing people in contact again and getting to release their music."


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