July 26 2016 02:07 PM

Dan Faughnder to be part of Pasadena School of Rock

Sledding With Tigers

Sledding With Tigers is moving to Los Angeles. Dan Faughnder, the singer/songwriter behind the folk/punk collective, cites both personal and professional reasons for the relocation. Right now he's the assistant general manager of School of Rock in San Diego, and he'll be transferring up to School of Rock in Pasadena, which will be opening up this fall.

However, Faughnder says in an interview outside of Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in North Park it's just time to start a new adventure.

"I've lived in San Diego for 21 years out of 27 years of existence," he says. "I started feeling kinda antsy."

Faughnder says Sledding with Tigers will still perform in some form or another, though because the lineup has never been a permanent one (some members live in other states), the shape of it will be up in the air. Still, it'll continue on with what will likely be a rotating cast of musicians.

"I know I should be thinking about that," he says. "Certainly we're going to be playing shows. What it's going to look like, I don't know. The band will probably be me and whoever's around. Whoever's willing to give up their Saturday night to play a show."

On Friday, Aug. 12, Sledding with Tigers will be playing a "final" show in San Diego (for the foreseeable future) at Soda Bar, with Inspired and the Sleep, Future Crooks and a Blink-182 cover band. With a few weeks to go before he makes the move, Faughnder says he's just as surprised as anyone that he'd come to embrace Los Angeles as a new home.

"I spent a summer there right out of college. I remember this feeling of isolation. I thought I would never want to move to L.A.," he says. "But when you find your little weirdo niche, then it's a whole new world."


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