July 26 2016 04:54 PM

Escort, Stalins of Sound, Chic and other shows we’re stoked about this week


    Wednesday, July 27

    PLAN A: Escort, Bump DJs @ The Casbah. Earlier this year I wrote a profile on Brooklyn disco troupe Escort, who blend a classic disco sound with contemporary electronics. They guarantee nothing but a super-fun dance party, so get your ass on the dance floor for this one. BACKUP PLAN: Saviorself, Skrapez, Splurgeo @ The Hideout.

    Thursday, July 28

    PLAN A: Nite Jewel, Harriet Brown, Gravvyard @ Soda Bar. Los Angeles' Nite Jewel is mostly known for her ethereal electronic pop, the likes of which have made albums like One Second of Love well worth seeking out. She's also collaborated with Dâm-Funk on a project called Nite-Funk, so don't be surprised if she gets funky, too. PLAN B: Jimmy Whispers, Gary Wilson @ The Hideout. Jimmy Whispers has played with the band Light Pollution, but his own weird organ drones make for an even more interesting type of pop. It's hard to classify, but it's definitely cool. BACKUP PLAN: La Diabla, Cumbia Machin, DJ Viejo Lowbo @ Til-Two Club.

    Friday, July 29

    PLAN A: Savages, Head Wound City @ Observatory North Park. I just want to put this out there—this may be the Plan A for the year. At least, the month. Savages are one of the best live bands going right now, and their dynamic post-punk sound will have you floored. PLAN B: Kim and the Created, The Fresh Brunettes, The Bad Vibes, Cochinas Locas @ Til-Two Club. Kim and the Created play psychedelic rock that's plenty cool on its own, but grows even more impressive with frontwoman Kim's wild antics. It's what more rock 'n' roll bands should aspire to. BACKUP PLAN: Le Chateau, Hexa, Astral Touch @ Whistle Stop.

    Saturday, July 30

    PLAN A: Stalins of Sound, Way to Go Genius, Talk Sick Brats @ Tower Bar. Local punk rock villains Stalins of Sound have been one of my favorites in town for a while, blending the weirdo sensibility of Devo with the pummel of Big Black. They're as much fun as satirical fascism gets! PLAN B: John Meeks, Pall Jenkins, Preston Swirnoff @ Soda Bar. Local singer/songwriter John Meeks has a slightly psychedelic, dusty folk sound that hits the spot. If you prefer your troubadours a bit more dark and lonesome, check him out. Plan ME: Oh Pep, The Dabbers, Blood Ponies @ The Casbah. I would never be dishonest with you, so here's the deal: This is where I will actually be on Saturday, playing some music with my own band. I just don't want to lose that trust we have.

    Sunday, July 31

    PLAN A: Honne @ The Casbah. Need an ethereal, sensual option for your Sunday night? Close out the week (or start it, depending on how you look at it) with the R&B slow-jam vibes of Honne. Snuggle up to your sweetie while they set the mood. PLAN B: Honeyhoney @ Belly Up Tavern. It takes a special band to make me take interest in contemporary Americana, but Honeyhoney have what it takes. Their songs blend country and rock, with sweetly memorable melodies that'll have you mesmerized.

    Monday, August 1

    PLAN A: Sound Lupus, Oh Spirit!, Creature Canyon @ The Casbah. Support your local scene! Here's a way to do it: Check out Sound Lupus, whose upbeat punk sound has just the right amount of disco influence to remind you of those halcyon days of the early '00s. Get weird.

    Tuesday, August 2

    PLAN A: Duran Duran, Chic @ Sleep Train Amphitheatre. Chic were one of the biggest influences on Duran Duran's sound when they were first coming up in the early '80s, and now the two bands are touring together. I don't know about you, but this looks like a dream lineup to me. PLAN B: Marissa Nadler, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Muscle and Marrow @ The Casbah. Singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler's music is dark, beautiful and gentle, but her sinister streak makes her a perfect match with heavier bands Wrekmeister Harmonies and Muscle and Marrow. The spectrum is pretty well covered. BACKUP PLAN: Badr Vogu, Garth Algar, Beira, Fantasy Arcade @ Til-Two Club.


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