Aaron Meyer and Tom Keliinoi spoof Game of Thrones in What’s on Draft
Image courtesy of What’s On Draft

Equal parts "thank you" and "suck it!" to all the beer writers who did and didn't take me up on my cold, dead fingers challenge from Part 1. Now, with minimal smart-assery, here are some other local media outlets to quench your thirst for all things craft beer.

Video: What's on Draft

After a successful Kickstarter, this two-year-old video production company has reason to celebrate. Director Tom Keliinoi and producer Aaron Mayer (also head brewer at Acoustic Ales) are now gearing up for season two, which promises a few episodes shot outside of San Diego and is slated for release January 2017. If you haven't caught one of their anti-macro, pro-indie beer videos already, I strongly encourage metal and non-metal heads to feast their eyes on the "Life of a Beer" collaboration with Poison Headache, Metal Blade Records and Coronado Brewing Company. You'll be able to say you knew about them before they were syndicated.

"It looks like macro conglomerates are starting to focus less on acquisition, and more on using their acquired craft portfolio/lobbying strength to push independent beer off the shelf. This is bad for smaller guys like Intergalactic or Pure Project, because they don't have the brute strength of a multi-billion dollar corporation behind them."

— Tom Keliinoi

FM Radio: Rock & Roll Happy Hour on 94.9

Since 2009, 94.9's Rock & Roll Happy Hour has cycled through numerous hosts and time slots, currently occupying the 7-8 p.m. hour on Friday nights with host Jeremy Pritchard, Stone Brewing's Minister of Evangelism and Indoctrination Ken Wright and cocktail expert Casey Pukl. While the guests range from well-known brewers like Tomme Arthur (Lost Abbey) to spirits pioneers like Mike Skubic (Old Harbor Distilling Co.), the heart of the segment remains about passion for craft beer punctuated with bottle-popping playlists.

"We all know some have sold to larger companies, but I still drink Sculpin... it's still made here, by the hands of brewers that I respect."

— Jeremy Pritchard

FM Radio: Beer for Breakfast on 91X

As an alumnus of the Rock & Roll Happy Hour, Beer for Breakfast's host Tommy Hough knows what makes a successful beer show. After a stint in the wannabe craft beer capital of the country (keep dreaming, Portland), Hough returned in 2015 to reboot the then-defunct Beer for Breakfast segment with a little help from Karl Strauss' Paul Segura, 91X producer Danielle Stuht and What's Hoppening curator Abel Garcia. With Segura's expertise and universal likability paired with Hough's colorful commentary, Friday mornings at 8 a.m. are undoubtedly unusually energetic when you're tuned in.

"The wonderful thing about the beer scene here in San Diego is that it's almost akin to a music scene; there's healthy competition in the best sense possible. Everybody knows each other and likes working with each other."

— Tommy Hough

Once you realize that every one of these outlets—as well as the podcasts mentioned previously—embrace continued growth in both their respective niches as well as the industry at large, it's almost as refreshing as a Plenty for All in 100-degree weather. I'll definitely drink to that spirit of camaraderie and inclusion.


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