Teach Me
Photo by Ash Eliza Smith

Members of Mrs. Magician and The Sess have formed a new band called Teach Me. The group features Mrs. Magician's Tommy Garcia and The Sess' Jeremy Rojas and Andrew Montoya, and have already recorded their debut seven-inch, which is tentatively slated for release in September via Volar Records. The band also is playing a show on Aug. 19 with Audacity and Violent Human System at Che Cafe.

That's not their debut show, however. The group's first set went a bit under the radar when they performed at Soda Bar in February for talent buyer (and Mrs. Magician drummer) Cory Stier's birthday, forming a new band just for the occasion.

"We wrote six songs in a week," says Garcia in a phone interview. "Jeremy had the idea for the band just kind of in his head. He had some song ideas and sounds that would be used. Just the overall vibe of the band."

This is the trio's first official band together, though they've been friends since they were teenagers, and used to have informal jam sessions. For this band, however, there was a loose but somewhat specific objective: To be punk as fuck.

"We just wanted to be a punk band," he says. "We're not trying to do anything overly technical. Just rad, loud, old punk. Some of it's noisier like The Jesus Lizard or Big Black. Some of it's more like Black Flag. And there's some poppier stuff, kinda like Buzzcocks riffs."

The band's Aug. 19 show was originally slated as their unofficial release show for their debut single, which is now due next month, and after that they'll be lining up more dates. However, because of the three musicians' combined schedules and obligations, Teach Me won't necessarily become a full-time gig.

"We're all really busy with work and family stuff," Garcia says. "I don't think we're going to be doing any big tours, maybe just West Coast. We're also going to be working on a record. Hopefully it'll be out early next year."


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