Aug. 3 2016 12:42 AM

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    I am so amazingly disappointed in the [July 20] Backwards and in High Heels column, “Driving with Philando Castile.”

    I completely understand the desire to have shocking articles in the interest of selling advertising. I am disappointed that this article was allowed to use social consciousness as an excuse for terrible journalism and complete disrespect toward law abiding San Diegans as well as our police force.

    The only privilege that was apparent was the privilege of being an employed journalist. I feel this privilege was wasted by your writer—in an attempt to make her social mark. The inference that police officers are unintelligent because in some parts of the country a GED is the minimum required education is outlandish. When you are so confident to advertise your trade as a professional writer and are permitted to use “amirite” and “that scares the fuck out of me, and that’s not alright,” as your intelligent thoughts, I lose respect for the point.

    CityBeat would do better having #Googleeditor check their articles in the future. This would allow the writers to have free range of their ideas and use of their friends as their most relevant sources, and continue to allow the readers to believe they are just reading a witty Instagram post and should not consider it seriously.

    You should both be grateful for the privilege of writing (most likely viewed as another white privilege). Don’t waste it trying to make it your responsibility to only write issues that are correct to yourselves.

    Thank you for your time.

    Bob Howell,
    North Park


    This is bad news for Barrio Logan residents [“What’s the Good word,” July 27]. Now the Neil Good Day Center will be across the street (Commercial) from the Barrio Logan border, pushing the effects of homelessness (and the city’s lack of mitigation of the effects) into a residential community. The mini skid row tent city that has popped up on the sidewalks on National Ave. between Commercial and 16th will grow exponentially.

    Once again Barrio Logan residents and small businesses here have to deal with an issue that is not of our making. And I have no faith in the city to help mitigate the problems that arise from people living on the sidewalks, parks, and alleys of my barrio.

    Brent Beltran, Via


    Excellent editorials in your July 13 issue, including “Murdering San Diego’s homeless people” and “Our perception of homeless people is part of their downfall,” both better than I could write on those two topics.

    As for Cathy Ostrom’s letter, “The Homeless Issues,” she obviously does not understand the homeless situation, which is true of most people.

    Since I believe the press is an essential part of conquering homelessness, I thank CityBeat for being on the front lines.

    Dr. John Kitchin Publisher, San Diego Homeless News


    Lizz Huerta, your eyes are beautiful, with or without modified eyebrows [“Of brows and blades,” July 27]. As a man, I’ll tell you a secret. As far as looks are concerned, the kind of man worth your interest cares about one thing besides sex. That thing is being warm and kind. Listen when he talks, looking right in his eyes. If he says something that touches and moves you or amuses you, give him a sincere smile. He will be yours.

    Of course be clean and thoughtfully dressed and made up. He won’t notice any of those details, but he will fall into those deep soulful eyes like I did with my wife 51 years ago. Buena suerte!

    Wings_42, Via


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