Stay Strange is returning. The experimental concert series, curated by Stay Strange founder Sam Lopez, has lined up events in August and October. The first is a performance by Justice Yeldham, who makes music with broken glass on his face (no, really) on Aug. 21, at Bread & Salt in Barrio Logan, with Monochromacy and Xavier Ramirez. The second event is an even more elaborate affair at the San Diego Central Library on Oct. 29, called Checked Out 2016. The show follows previous library-held events with performances by Author & Punisher, Planet B (featuring Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian of The Locust), MF Redeemer and Skrapez.

"We sort of wanted to capture more of a P.M. vibe," says Lopez in an interview at Influx in North Park. "This time we're trying different things. It's maybe a little darker. It's almost more of a grown-up version of the library shows we've done before."

In addition to the live performances, the free event will feature a visual-art component, including something called Build a Beast, in which patrons will be able to create their own Frankenstein's monsters from artist-made parts. There will also be a performance of the sounds of the library itself, which two musicians will turn into a sound installation.

"Steve Flato and Scott Nielsen are both magical sound artists," Lopez says. "Scott's going to build a six-foot antenna that will pick up the sounds of the library itself: noises, conversations. And he'll filter it over to Steve Flato, who will create an actual musical piece with it."

Checked Out 2016 follows previous Stay Strange events at libraries, including a performance at Malcolm X Library in 2013 that also featured Author & Punisher. And it's probably not going to be the last, either.

"I'm a patron. I've been going to libraries since I was small," Lopez says. "I want to die in a library."


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