Aug. 9 2016 04:45 PM

Lucy Dacus, Sledding With Tigers, Rhett Miller and other shows we’re stoked about this week

Lisa Prank

Wednesday, August 10

PLAN A: Lisa Prank, Polish, Nancy Sin @ Soda Bar. Seattleite Lisa Prank (love the pun) does new wave pop with fuzzy guitars and drum machines that dares you not to sing along. Sometimes you need a mid-week boost of bratty, buoyant punk, and this will do just fine. PLAN B: Aethere, Insvrgence, Voidlines @ The Merrow. Or maybe you prefer technical death metal. You have this option, which'll help you get that aggression out in no time. BACKUP PLAN: Inspired and the Sleep, Grizzly Business, Con Mi Amigo @ Belly Up Tavern.

Thursday, August 11

PLAN A: Hockey Dad, Muuy Biien, The Gloomies @ The Casbah. So, first of all, points for the name Hockey Dad, but beyond that, this group plays some wonderfully melodic punk rock with some garage and pop elements. Not wheel-reinvention stuff here, but they do it well. PLAN B: Monolord, Beastmaker, Sweat Lodge @ Soda Bar. Sweden's Monolord play some extremely heavy music. Whether you wanna call it sludge metal, stoner rock, heavy psych or otherwise, it's the kind of sound that'll rattle your ribcage.

Friday, August 12

PLAN A: Sledding With Tigers, Blink-182 cover band, Inspired and the Sleep, Future Crooks @ Soda Bar. It's Sledding With Tigers' last show in San Diego for a long while. So I suggest sending them off with a drunken sing-along. It'll be a weird, crazy party, and the show is free, so no excuses. PLAN B: Lucy Dacus, Casey Hensley and Karl and the Hornets @ The Casbah. If you missed Scott McDonald's feature a few weeks back on singer/songwriter Lucy Dacus, catch up on why she's a young indie rock talent worth keeping your ears on. BACKUP PLAN: Periphery, Sikth, Toothgrinder @ House of Blues.

Saturday, August 13

PLAN A: First Hate, Grand Prix, Nylon Apartments @ Soda Bar. Copenhagen synth-pop group First Hate is headlining this set of dark, synthesizer-driven groups. It's rounded out by openers Nylon Apartments, who recently graced the cover of CityBeat. PLAN B: The White Buffalo, Alice Drinks the Koolaid @ Belly Up Tavern. The White Buffalo is a country troubadour that's become a bit of a rarity these days. He's got a classic outlaw sound and a voice with a lot of soul and emotion, not to mention some great songs in his repertoire. BACKUP PLAN: The Donkeys, Heavy Hawaii, Hills Like Elephants @ The Casbah.

Sunday, August 14

The B-52s, The Fixx, English Beat @ Embarcadero Marina Park South. My love of The B-52s is one that isn't shared by too many of my friends, but frankly, it doesn't temper my enthusiasm. They're headlining this AIDS benefit, which also features a pair of other new wave hitmakers, and they're bound to be playing some classics: "Rock Lobster," "Planet Claire," "Private Idaho." Don't act like you don't know all the words. PLAN B: Rhett Miller, Andrew St. James @ Soda Bar. I've been an Old 97's fan for a long time, so I have to give the nod to their frontman Rhett Miller, who's both a great tunesmith and storyteller.

Monday, August 15

PLAN A: Ala Fringe, Melvus, The Fresh Brunettes @ The Casbah. Support your local music scene! This roundup of San Diego bands will introduce you to some new sounds, and it's only $6. I see no downside. PLAN ME: Skeleton Hands, Blood Ponies @ The Office. Public service announcement/transparency declaration: My band is playing this show with Ohio's Skeleton Hands, who have a cool darkwave sound reminiscent of Cold Cave. If you're into that sort of thing.

Tuesday, August 16

PLAN A: LA Witch @ The Hideout. I don't think L.A. Witch are actually witches, but their dark and hazy post-punk tunes certainly have something witchy about them. Get entranced by their hypnotic melodies and dense layers of effects.


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