Aug. 17 2016 12:24 AM

Rattlesnakes, noir cityscapes and mannequins won our hearts and eyes this year

Grand prize winner: 'Same As It Ever Was' by Gian Provano

Of all the special issues in which the CityBeat staff is asked to judge reader submissions, our annual photo contest is, by far, the one that stirs the most inter-office debates. While one person sees a magical moment that has been masterfully captured, another person might not see that magic at all. Of the hundreds of submissions we received this year, here are a few that we all agreed had something magical going on. These shutterbugs, professional and amateur alike, managed to transcend the age of double-tap likes and #instaeverything to create something that is both artful and everlasting. Keep clicking.

And not too shabby: The Grand Prize winner gets a Nikon 1J4 Digital Camera with 10-30mm lens, courtesy of George’s Camera.

2nd place: 'Blade Diego' by Hector Miranda

3rd place: 'Little Girl and Dress Shop Window' by Jesse Keller

Honorable mention: 'Gene' by Street Populace

Honorable mention: 'Americana at Lake Henshaw' by Jake Rose

Honorable Mention: 'Street Bunny' by Tyson Wirtzfeld

Honorable mention: untitled by @khazam

Honorable mention: untitled by @cjonpirovano


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