Scotty Pants

Pants Karaoke has announced a special "Weird Al"-themed night, called "Weird Al" Pantsovic Karaoke Night. The night doesn't involve actually singing Yankovic's songs, but rather creating your own parody songs. The special installment of the eight-years-running weekly karaoke event will take place on Sunday, Sept. 11 at The Hideout, and participants are encouraged to write a parody version of a song that's available as a karaoke instrumental track (or that Scotty Hoopes, aka Pants, is able to track down). In an interview at Waypoint Public in North Park, Hoopes explains that the idea came to him from a friend who did a similar event a few years ago.

"It's an idea I've had for years. A guy I know up in Orange County who does a karaoke night did something like this," he says. "He does work with puppets, and he did a version of 'Baby's Got Back' with a Kermit the Frog puppet, and called it 'Piggy's Got Back.'"

The Pantsovic Karaoke Night already has had a few people sign up early for tracks they want to reserve, and Hoopes says that he expects many of his regulars to join in on the parody action. The evening also will feature a raffle and prize giveaways. One of the prizes? Pants, himself.

"I'm raffling off myself," he says. "The winner gets a free, three-hour private party within city limits. And I'll bring a whole karaoke setup."

This is just one of many themed nights that Hoopes holds at Pants Karaoke, but no matter the theme, his outlook is the same for every night: Embrace the ridiculousness.

"My whole philosophy in karaoke is, you can do a pitch-perfect Whitney Houston song, and it'll be entertaining for 15 seconds. Or you can make an ass of yourself and everyone will want to watch you the whole time."


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