Girl Band

A semi-regular feature in which we ask local musicians about the music they've been digging lately.

Lety Beers, The Schizophonics: The Woggles. "I'm still on a high of music and mayhem from Tiki Oasis so been listening to some of my favorite highlights of that weekend. Got to see one of my favorite bands, The Woggles, so I've been playing their high-octane records all week keeping the party going at home. Their music is pure, fun, hip-shaking garage rock. Always have to make sure the curtains are closed so people don't see my dance moves in the living room"

Katie Howard, Big Bloom/Citrus and Katie: Por Vida, by Kali Uchs. "I've been listening to Kali Uchs' new album, Por Vida, non-stop. Kali has a retro style, and she's directed the majority of her own music videos. I find that inspiring. I've also become a huge fan of The Coathangers; their sound is raw and hard, with a haunting girl vocal anthem throughout each song."

Tyler Detweiler, Acid Varsity: Live @ Lords of Techno, by Landstrumm. "Landstrumm's dark yet fun vibe truly sets him apart musically, and has kept him one of the most relevant artists in techno over his career, spanning over 20 years on some of the most influential labels in the genre."

Rostam Zafar, Hours/Bleak Skies: The Early Years, by Girl Band. "My number one thing right now is Girl Band. They're a really incredible noise rock band from Dublin that either do these incredible songs that have crazy buildups that get more and more intense as the song goes on, or these short manic bursts of speed and energy. Their cover of [Blawan's] 'Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage' gets played pretty frequently, especially their music video. If you like Arab on Radar, Metz or Boredoms, check them out."

Chad Deal, INUS: xhendrix l by xhendrix. "The meanest pick of Tijuana's weirdcore underground has to be xhendrix. With the hindsight to pluck the rawest of powerviolence, hardcore and psych rock, this young trio is shredding the balls off of TJ house parties and touring across Mexico with like-mindeds. The opening track gives me the good, old-fashioned chills! Plus they use Tijuana-made Paradox effects pedals, which have been instrumental in the finishing touches on INUS's soon to be released album, Western Spaghettification."


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