Well Well Well

Two members of Barbarian have started a new band called Well Well Well. The group features guitarist Seton Edgerton and drummer Dan Nichols, who started jamming together while playing in Barbarian. And while that band is just taking a break right now, it affords them the opportunity to put time and effort toward the new project, which finds them applying their talents in different creative ways.

“Once Barbarian was on hiatus, we wanted to keep a feverish pace for making music happen,” Edgerton says in an interview at Young Hickory in North Park. “[Nichols is] able to play bass on keyboard with one hand and play drums with the other hand.”

Well Well Well’s music isn’t as heavy as that of the members’ other band, instead blending folk, psychedelia and synth-pop into an eclectic mixture that Edgerton says is mostly reflective of the kind of music they listen to. Yet he says that there wasn’t much of a particular agenda when he and Nichols began writing songs together.

“Whenever we practice, we dedicate half the time to songs we’ve written, and then the other half to just kind of free-flowing jam sessions,” he says.

The band made their debut back in May at the Lightning in a Bottle festival in Bradley, California, and has since quietly released their first album, What Do We Have Here? via Bandcamp. The duo’s next show is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 29, at Soda Bar, with The Foreign Resort, PRGRM and Nite. And though they haven’t done much promotion nor played live all that much yet, they’ve already written enough material for their next album.

“With two people, everything happens pretty quickly,” he says. “We’re ready to get back into the studio.”


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