Sept. 7 2016 11:21 AM

Zombies, Y La Bamba, Spotlights and other shows we're stoked about this week

Cold Cave


PLAN A: Y La Bamba, The Blues and Greys, Hilo @ Soda Bar. There aren’t many bands quite like Y La Bamba. The Portland-based group combines Latin pop with contemporary indie rock, and just a slight touch of something much weirder. Vocalist Luz Elena Mendoza is the real focus, with a voice that’s not just powerful, but a versatile instrument unto itself. BACKUP PLAN: The Bones of JR Jones, Creature and the Woods, Whiskey Circle @ The Casbah.


PLAN A: The Zombies, Bruce Sudano @ Belly Up Tavern. If you haven’t listened to The Zombies’ Odessey and Oracle, you’re missing out on one of the greatest albums of the ’60s. It’s 30 minutes of ornately arranged and perfect psych-pop, and it doesn’t sound like it’s aged a day. PLAN B: Tr/st, Cold Cave @ Music Box. If your Thursday night is in need of a goth dance party, then this is the best bet this week. Cold Cave never fail to bring some darkly compulsive grooves. BACKUP PLAN: !!!, DJ Velvet Touch @ Soda Bar.


PLAN A: Work Drugs, Satchmode, Slares @ Soda Bar. Damn, Work Drugs are smooth. The Philadelphia band plays dreamy indie pop that feels like a gin and tonic in a comfortably air-conditioned room. It’s aural comfort. PLAN B: Low and Be Told, Obligerant, Cabuloan @ Tower Bar. Low and Be Told features ex-members of Marsupials and Uncle Joe’s Big Ol’ Driver, and they rock pretty hard. Friday night is for getting out all of your frustration and aggression, so see some punk rock done by some San Diego vets. BACKUP PLAN: Asesino, Bio Crisis, Temblad, Gravespell @ Brick by Brick.


PLAN A: Somos, Free Throw, High Waisted, King Bloom @ Che Cafe. I didn’t know much about Somos until this week, but you can go ahead and consider me a fan. Their brand of punk is somewhere between Joyce Manor and Built to Spill, and that’s a winning combination. PLAN B: Mursic, Dirge for November, Lumivore, Ultima Circo @ The Merrow. Feel like getting a bit more dramatic on Saturday night? Soak in the symphonic synth-laden prog metal of Mursic. It’s an acquired taste, but get there early enough and there will be a wider spectrum of heavy music for good measure. There’s something for every creature of the night.


PLAN A: Spotlights, Death Eyes, Deep Sea Thunder Beast @ The Casbah. Spotlights’ new album Tidals features some guitar from ex-San Diegan Mike Hayden of Sleep Lady, so you can imagine it’s pretty big, heavy stuff. The band rocks pretty damn hard, with lots of dense layers of guitar. Bring earplugs. PLAN B: Bakkuda, Mystery Cave, DJ Andrew McGranahan @ Blonde. For something dancier, come to this showcase of local beatmakers and laptoppers, who’ll get your butt moving pronto. BACKUP PLAN: Draemings, Psychic Love, Le Ra @ Soda Bar.


PLAN A: Deep Sea Diver, Oh Spirit, Imagery Machine @ Soda Bar. Deep Sea Diver is a catchy bunch, with some gorgeous layers of guitars and dreamy effects that just sound heavenly. Make it a little early for rising local talent Oh Spirit, while you’re at it.


PLAN A: Clams Casino, Lil B @ Observatory North Park.Clams Casino and Lil B have collaborated many times before, Clams’ psychedelic cloud rap production creating a sublime atmosphere for Lil B’s absurdist delivery. They’re sharing the stage together at last, and it’ll be a surreal party.


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