Sept. 28 2016 12:38 AM

Cymbals Eat Guitars, KING, Shonen Knife and other shows we’re stoked about this week

Echo and the Bunnymen


PLAN A: Cymbals Eat Guitars, Field Mouse, Wildhoney @ Soda Bar. New York’s Cymbals Eat Guitars is technically an indie rock band, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the chops to be one of the great rock ‘n’ roll bands of our era. They get better with each new album, and their latest Pretty Years is one great anthem after another. PLAN B: KING, Joey Dosik @ The Casbah. KING combines elements of different eras into one outstanding modern mashup. There’s bits of funky ’70s soul, some ‘90sera New Jack Swing, and plenty of contemporary electronic sounds for good measure. Back in 2011, they won the approval of none other than Prince himself. BACKUP PLAN: Fruit Bats, Heavy Hawaii @ The Hideout.


PLAN A: Well Well Well, The Foreign Resort, PRGRM, Nite @ Soda Bar. Well Well Well is a new band featuring members of Barbarian, and while that band is taking a little bit of a break, find out what kind of stripped-down psychedelic sounds a couple of them are up to. Get there early for Denmark post-punks The Foreign Resort, while you’re at it. PLAN B: Fabio Frizzi @ Brick by Brick. In case you skipped over this week’s Short List, I’m throwing my endorsement behind this performance by horror soundtrack composer Fabio Frizzi, who knows a thing or two about giving audiences goosebumps. BACKUP PLAN: Frankie Cosmos, iji @ The Irenic.


PLAN A: Rocky Votolato, Chris Staples @ The Casbah. Seattle singer/songwriter Rocky Votolato is a reliable purveyor of wonderful indie folk. And while he’s brothers with Cody Votolato of Blood Brothers and Head Wound City, Rocky’s music is more soothing and melodic. A laid-back, gorgeous end to the week. BACKUP PLAN: Gringo Star, The Relationship, Polish @ Soda Bar.


PLAN A: Okkervil River, Landlady @ Belly Up Tavern. Okkervil River probably doesn’t need too much introduction, but if you haven’t dug through their back catalog, I highly recommend 2005’s Black Sheep Boy. Their new album Away is beautiful as well, so it’s hard to go wrong, no matter where you start. PLAN B: Steve Gunn, Nap Eyes, Whiskey Circle @ Soda Bar. Singer/songwriter Steve Gunn has a way with putting together great indie folk melodies, but he’s first and foremost an amazing guitar player. I could listen to this guy pick and pluck all day. BACKUP PLAN: El Ten Eleven, Mylets @ Music Box.


PLAN A: Echo and the Bunnymen, Ester Drang @ Humphreys by the Bay. Echo and the Bunnymen are kind of a Plan A for life, seeing as how they’re responsible for some of the greatest post-punk albums of all time. No matter what they play, it’ll be a show to remember. PLAN B: Blind Guardian, Grave Digger @ Observatory North Park. I don’t know if power metal is harder or easier to get into than other subgenres, but if you’re willing to commit to the cheese, Blind Guardian will deliver something truly epic. BACK- UP PLAN: Modern Baseball, Chris Farren, Walter Etc. @ The Irenic.


PLAN A: Cosmonauts, Tropical Popsicle, Spooky Cigarette @ The Hideout. Just because it’s Monday night doesn’t mean you can’t get a little weird. L.A.’s Cosmonauts have a lot of psychedelic grooves to get the party going, and Tropical Popsicle will once again prove why they’re one of San Diego’s best bands.


PLAN A: Shonen Knife, The Rosalyns, Bloody Death Skull @ The Casbah. For a band that formed roughly around the time I was born, Japan’s Shonen Knife keep going strong. The Osaka punk group just released a new album titled Adventure, but their catalog of quirky pop tunes goes pretty deep.


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