Thank you, Aaryn Belfer, for your column of Sept. 14, “Keeping Kaepernick in the headlines.” Keep it up, sister. Don’t back down, don’t tone it down, don’t sugarcoat the truth (although that would be so much more comfortable for those who are unwilling to confront their own biases and racism.) The letter writer who recently criticized you and the paper for whatever rationale he concocted to justify his criticism is offended because the truth can be uncomfortable. Someone needs to keep saying it.

    Suzy Perkins, La Mesa


    In response to Aaryn Belfer’s column on Colin Kaepernick’s sitting out the national anthem, I would argue that his act of protest has nothing to do with his stated reasons.

    Kaepernick is an obscenely paid washed-up former rising star in the NFL. After coming in for the injured quarterback Alex Smith in 2012 and putting up phenomenal stats for the remainder of that season as well as the next, he lost steam and is now “ridin’ the pine,” as they say (for you hipsters who loathe sports, that means being benched). Kaepernick’s act of defiance is, I believe, a sad and rather transparent attempt to remain relevant. He was the Big New Thing in football at one time, but now the only way he can get ink is through this off-field antic. As I said, sad.

    The proper response from the media and public at large should have been simply ignoring him. However, with all the hollering and attention, he has gotten the coverage he longed for.

    Aaron De Groot, Mission Hills


    I don’t agree at all with her opinions on these subjects [“Keeping Kapernick in the headlines,” Sept 14], but kudos to Aaryn Belfer because as usual her column is extremely well written.

    Fred Harden III, San Diego


    Between AB109 (prison realignment) and Prop 47, violent and property crime is up in California by 21 percent. And what this article [“Prop 57 aims to revamp prison sentencing,” Aug. 24], never mentions is, like prison realignment, a criminal is judged “nonviolent” only on the offense he/ she is currently imprisoned for— not the totality of their rap sheet.

    There are some pretty horrific examples of violent perps, including sex offenders released under AB109, who then went out and committed more crimes. Look up Jerome DeAvila, for just one awful example.

    darleenclick, via sdcitybeat.com


    I often wonder what the point is to have an updated Port Master Plan, at least as applied to the San Diego bayfront [“Split the toxic baby at the elbow!” Sept. 14]. The Port keeps making decisions about major properties like the Seaport Village area and Harbor Island long before even a draft Master Plan is available for public comments.

    Jelula, via sdcitybeat.com


    Are you saying only yellow mustard is OK on a New York “dawg” [“Brooklyn Dogs bring Sabrett’s to town,” Sept. 21]? I disagree and will always go with deli mustard when it’s available, which it is at Nathan’s, Gray’s Papaya and many other great spots in the city.

    Ketchup is what doesn’t belong on a dog. This does look like a great find, though, and I look forward to trying it next time I’m on jury duty or held against my will downtown near Horton Plaza.

    Martin Weinstein, via Facebook


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