Oct. 11 2016 03:13 PM

Band features members of Hexa, Nylon Apartments

Photo by Cari Veach

Heavy post-punk outfit Hours are getting ready to release their debut single. The group—which features members of Hexa, Nylon Apartments and Bleak Skies—is preparing to release "Different Executions" and "See the Way," which will coincide with a show at Whistle Stop on Nov. 11 with Nocturnal Habits and Sleeping People. The band has played a handful of shows already this year, but took some time off during the summer because drummer Rostam Zafar was out of town working as Cattle Decapitation's tour manager. So, while they're a new band, they have a few shows under their belts.

"We've been a band for a little over a year. We've always had the same taste in music so it made sense," says guitarist and vocalist Carrie Gillespie Feller. "It happened really fast—we put together a set really fast, and we played a handful of shows."

The new digital single will offer a first chance for listeners who haven't heard the band live to hear what they're about. Gillespie Feller cites influences ranging from local heroes Drive Like Jehu to post-metal group Marriages, with an emphasis on heavier sounds.

"When Scott and Ross and I started the band, our influences were in the noise-metal side of things," she says. "At that time we were drawing from projects that we were in. Josh [Quon] being in the band draws from more of a San Diego sound. I hear Jehu and all these post-punk sounds in his playing."

Since Hours' first few shows, the group has evolved a little bit. Zafar, Gillespie Feller and her husband and bassist Scott Feller have since welcomed guitarist Joshua Quon as the fourth member of the band, who Gillespie Feller says has brought a new dynamic to the group.

"We started to build out our sound a little bit," she says. "It wasn't quite coming together, but then we started talking to Josh. He was really looking to get back into playing guitar, and his guitar playing was just perfect for the band."


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