With Flowers

    If you search for albums tagged "San Diego" on Bandcamp, you'll find some interesting stuff. In this semi-regular report, we sift through recent postings and relay the findings.

    With Flowers, With Flowers: Anything tagged as "shoegaze" is something I'm going to be interested in listening to. I won't always love it, but I'll at least be intrigued. With Flowers is definitely intriguing, in part because they're a slow and mournful sort of shoegaze. The EP mostly comprises hazy dirges that carry a little bit of goth in their lo-fi melodies. It's a little too overwrought, but there's promise. This could be something very cool with a little more tinkering.

    Instrumentals, Vol. 2, KLYNTAR: Sometimes, when I select local Bandcamp releases to highlight, it's based on the cover art. This one happens to feature a pencil drawing of a bartender in a thong, serving an alien(?) with some kind of sexual act happening in the background. So, I expect some wild shit here. It's not, really—perfectly pleasant instrumental hip-hop that sounds cool and makes for good mood music. No more, no less. Alien orgies not included.

    Hover Over, Cheap Windows: It's a little hard to classify Cheap Windows, who by their own account make "solitary music for solitary people." It's mostly instrumental, based around electronic beats and dreamy guitars, with some spoken-word samples over the top. It's not unlike a slower The Books or a lo-fi Mark McGuire, and as such definitely sounds interesting and evocative. It's just a small sampling, but I'm certainly interested in hearing more.

    Demo, The Neanderthals: There's a certain combination of elements to The Neanderthals' music that I, under ordinary circumstances, wouldn't like. They have a bar-band sensibility, but there's a rowdy punk edge to what they do that sounds a bit like The Replacements at times. At others, there's a bit of psychedelic blues, and all around there's a whole lot of groove. Nothing groundbreaking, but it sure is fun.

    Thee Body Electric, Dread Monochrome: This release is just a two-track single, but it's pretty spectacular all the same. Dread Monochrome embody a moody, intense synth-wave sound similar to that of S U R V I V E, with some seasonally appropriate goth-rock vocals. Perfect sounds for a late night dancefloor haunting.


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