Oct. 11 2016 04:50 PM

Lowlands, Legendary Pink Dots, Demilich and other shows we’re stoked about this week

Danny Brown

Wednesday, October 12

PLAN A: Lowlands, Keepers, Hexa, Vyper Skwad @ Soda Bar. Lowlands features Mrs. Magician's Tommy Garcia, albeit in a much more goth-friendly context. Lowlands do ominous, gloomy pop that gets my spidey sense tingling. BACKUP PLAN: The Hand of Gavrilo, Sights and Sages @ The Casbah.

Thursday, October 13

PLAN A: Legendary Pink Dots, Orbit Service @ Soda Bar. Psychedelic goth-rock group Legendary Pink Dots are legendary in underground circles for their darkly disorienting innovations in post-punk. They're a prolific, gloomy and peculiar bunch, which is what makes them well worth investigating. PLAN B: Drive-by Truckers, Lydia Loveless @ Belly Up Tavern. Drive-by Truckers have been through some lineup changes, but over the years, they've released a lot of excellent alt-country albums with an emphasis on rock.

Friday, October 14

PLAN A: Danny Brown @ Observatory North Park. My favorite hip-hop album this year is Danny Brown's Atrocity Exhibition, which is saying a lot considering Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples each released some amazing new records. The Detroit emcee pursues a more darkly experimental sound, and in an already strong career appears to be at the top of his game. PLAN B: Bit Maps, Hexa, Chill Pill @ Bar Pink. Read my feature this week on Bit Maps, who evolved from Drew Andrewsí solo project to a strong full-band unit. This is the release show for their new album, which is both soulful and dystopian, and you can feel good singing along to the dark visions. BACKUP PLAN: Ryley Walker, Circuit des Yeux, Dominick Joseph Gambini @ Soda Bar.

Saturday, October 15

PLAN A: Tobacco, High Tides, Odonis Odonis @ The Casbah. A former member of psychedelic electronic weirdos Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tobacco infuses his danceable beats with a good dose of unsettling surrealism. His music doesn't always make sense, but he brings the nightmarish jams, guaranteed. PLAN B: Pall Jenkins, Hungers, Foreign Bodies @ Tower Bar. Pall Jenkins has been playing cool, dark music for a couple decades in San Diego, both with Three Mile Pilot and Black Heart Procession. His solo material is subtler and a bit more laid back, but just as moody and great. BACKUP PLAN: Helado Negro, 9 Theory, DJ Andrew McGranahan @ Soda Bar.

Sunday, October 16

PLAN A: The Julie Ruin, Allison Crutchfield @ Music Box. If you've done your riot grrrl homework, then you know that The Julie Ruin is fronted by Kathleen Hanna, frontwoman for punk legends Bikini Kill. She's still writing awesome, politically charged songs, albeit in a broader stylistic range. PLAN B: Flock of Dimes, Your Friend @ Soda Bar. Flock of Dimes is Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak, only with this project she leans less on loud guitars and employs more dreamy electronic sounds. Gorgeous stuff. BACKUP PLAN: Cruz Radical, DFMK, The Grids @ Whistle Stop.

Monday, October 17

PLAN A: Hocus, The Screamin' Yeehaws, Desert Suns @ The Casbah. It's pretty much always true that, even on a relatively quiet Monday night, there's going to be a local show worth seeing. I recommend fuzzy punk rockers Hocus who have more than a little grunge in their crunchy sound.

Tuesday, October 18

PLAN A: Demilich, Hooded Menace, Vastum @ The Merrow. It'll be a while yet before "Death Metal Tuesday" replaces "Taco Tuesday," but who says you can't have both? This death metal Tuesday features veteran death-art innovators Demilich, along with the relatively new (and awesome) Vastum. PLAN B: Screaming Females, Moor Mother, Toothpick @ Soda Bar. I'm not necessarily all about shredding, but if you find the right guitar player, then sign me up. Screaming Females' Marisa Paternoster can shred some guitar, and even more than that, their indie rock anthems are awfully catchy. BACKUP PLAN: Quantic, Sure Fire Soul Ensemble @ Music Box.


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