I’ll have to admit when I was a teenager, like most teenage boys, I was a titty aficionado in the ’50s and early ’60s [“Thinking outside the boobs,” Sept. 28]. I’ll never forget meeting Jayne Mansfield in person at Johns Hopkins University and those “beautiful voluptuous boobs just stood there and smiled at you!”


    Actually Jayne had a much prettier face in person than she photographed. But when I met Jayne, I’ll have to admit she probably was thinking to herself as I occasionally unavoidably looked down according to Amy [Alkon]: “Sir [Dirty young man]...are you ready for my areolas to take your order?” I must sheepishly admit in recollection I was probably licking and smacking my lips in stark adulation!

    What caused me to abruptly change my opinion/perspective of women’s breasts? I have to blame Dr. Bentley Glass, chairman of the department of biology at Hopkins at that time during his famous [infamous] sex lecture when I was a sophomore. Why? Once and for all he punctured my balloon concerning perky, perfectly proportioned tits! He blithely indicated from his lectern that women’s breasts were nothing more than modified sweat glands.

    As so often has been the case in my life I just couldn’t contain myself, however, and I shouted audaciously from the audience “Viva la modification!” to the boisterous laughter and kudos of my masculine Hopkins classmates. [Hopkins at the time was an all-male bastion.] Parenthetically, there were a few visiting gals who were from Goucher College [our sister college at the time] who obviously didn’t share my sense of humor! Dr. Glass managed a wry smile, too, but I could tell he wasn’t pleased at/ appreciative of my facetious comment either.

    Fred Harden III, San Diego


    Kudos to Ed Decker on the Trump dissection [“I would never say Donald Trump is an apophasizer,” Oct. 5]. Insightful, accurate, darkly humorous…more praise, etc. How this man ever got to this place in our political history is mind boggling. Sadly, many people still support him—very disturbing, Glad you are on the CityBeat staff, keep up your good work!

    Nicholas Kennelly, San Diego


    Being a longtime resident of La Mesa, I enjoyed your article very much [Neighborhood Watch, Oct. 5]. However, I have to make a correction to James Vernette’s column, “La Mesa Rocks.” He writes the Chico Club “ a classic dive bar, but in the 1950s and ‘60s, it was the Cinnamon Cinder...”

    Well, no it wasn’t. The Chico Club has been around since the ‘40s and never was the Cinnamon Cinder. The Cinnamon Cinder was a few blocks east at the corner of Comanche Drive and El Cajon Boulevard. I was in a band in 1965 named The Contrasts and we played there many times. But just to be sure I did some serious research by stopping by the Chico Club (a dark and cool joint) this afternoon and had a beer and a chat with the bartender. I asked about this and she concurred, saying she used to go to the Cinnamon Cinder. I think I remember her.

    Jan Tonnesen, La Mesa

    [Editor’s note: Thank you. We stand corrected.]


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