Sleeping People

    Sleeping People are working on new material. The post-rock quartet has announced their first show in more than a year, taking place at Whistle Stop on Nov. 11. However, the band will be performing as a trio for the foreseeable future, as guitarist Kasey Boekholt will be attending UC Berkeley to pursue a mechanical engineering degree. At this show, the group will be debuting some new material, as well as presenting some of their older music in a different context, considering the lineup is a little different.

    "The three instruments will still have that interplay with each other," says bassist Kenseth Thibideau in a phone interview. "There's still a lot of counterpoints happening. It's just kind of a different way to do Sleeping People."

    "We just try to play as a three-piece," adds guitarist Joileah Concepcion of their new arrangements of old material. "If the song sucks, we fix it."

    Concepcion says that the group has a handful of new tracks that are in the works, and the change in lineup allows them to approach their music in a way that might be a little different than they had as a four-piece.

    "It's an opportunity to go a little bit outside the familiar," she says. "We can experiment more and explore new sounds. One guitar doesn't have to have the other guitar to counter it."

    Concepcion, Thibideau and drummer Brandon Relf are just in the early phases of writing, but Thibideau says that they're hoping to build up a lot of material from what they've already started.

    "Our main goal right now is to write," he says. "This is just to get us going."


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