Oct. 18 2016 03:24 PM

Gorguts, Tricky, Chicano Batman and other shows we’re stoked about this week

Nicolas Jaar

Wednesday, October 19

PLAN A: Ringworm, Nomads, Exalt, Pissed Regardless @ Brick by Brick. Hardcore miscreants Ringworm aren't particularly subtle, nor are they terribly complex. But you know what? On Wednesday night when you need a boost of catharsis to get through the week, they have just the big, loud and brutal sounds you need.

Thursday, October 20

PLAN A: Vapors of Morphine, Krass Bros. @ The Casbah. Read Seth Combs' article this week on Vapors of Morphine, a new project featuring original members of Boston low-rock group Morphine. They'll be performing a combination of new songs and classics from their previous incarnation, which will be a welcome sound for those who've missed the band. PLAN B: Missing Persons, Third Project @ Belly Up Tavern. I always approach new wave reunions with a little skepticism, but Missing Persons has their share of hits to overcome my hesitation. There aren't many '80s-era songs better than "Destination Unknown," for instance, so that's enough for me. BACKUP PLAN: Magic Sword, Dance With the Dead, Fivepaw @ Soda Bar.

Friday, October 21

PLAN A: Gorguts, Intronaut, Brain Tentacles, Weight of the Sun @ Brick by Brick. Gorguts are one of the weirdest death metal bands on the planet. Their sound is loud and heavy, naturally, but bound by strange time signatures and all manner of dissonant experimentation that makes them exciting, albeit avant garde. You won't hear much out there quite like them. PLAN B: Tricky presents Skilled Mechanics, Rituals of Mine @ Belly Up Tavern. Trip-hop icon Tricky recently released the album Skilled Mechanics, which features collaborations with a number of other artists. As such this might not be a traditional Tricky show, but his catalog is deep enough that I'd expect a great setlist. BACKUP PLAN: Kero Kero Bonito, Goto80, Slime Girls @ House of Blues.

Saturday, October 22

PLAN A: Saint Vitus, The Skull, Witch Mountain, Great Electric Quest @ Brick by Brick. It's getting close to Halloween, which means you're going to be seeing many more metal bands on this page (because they're all touring, of course). Saint Vitus should be near the top of that list. They're old-school doom metallers with a tendency toward slow, ominous sounds.

Sunday, October 23

PLAN A: D.R.I., Kaustik, Christ Killer, Mexico City Rollers @ Soda Bar. On the other end of the heavy spectrum is D.R.I., whose crossover thrash sound is fast, loud, concise and intense. Because you might need a good jolt of energy before you start the work week. PLAN B: Chicano Batman, Sad Girl, Madly @ The Casbah. Los Angeles' Chicano Batman has one of the best band names right now. But they're more than just a clever name. The group plays excellent indie rock with lots of soul, a touch of psychedelia and melodies for days. Get in the groove. BACKUP PLAN: Holy Sons, Nurses @ The Hideout.

Monday, October 24

PLAN A: Nicolas Jaar @ Observatory North Park. Nicolas Jaar briefly made a splash with his outstanding Darkside project, which ended after only a year. However, his new solo album Sirens is an outstanding blend of electronic production, post-punk darkness and pop accessibility. Truly outstanding stuff. PLAN B: Dreams Made Flesh, Garden Echo, L1ght Ra1l @ Soda Bar. Dreams Made Flesh, fronted by former Ilya vocalist Blanca Rojas, made their debut earlier this year, and if you haven't caught them yet, I recommend you do. They're a dreamy post-punk group with a heavy 4AD influence a la The Cocteau Twins. Perfect for this particularly goth time of year.

Tuesday, October 25

PLAN A: Waldo, Real J Wallace, Jimmy Javier, DJ Artistic @ Soda Bar. Where's Waldo? At the Soda Bar! This is a different Waldo, however. He's a hip-hop artist from Michigan with tracks full of buttery flows and surreal electronic beats that give his music a weirdly dreamy sensibility.


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