Photo courtesy of Vinyl Junkies Record Swap


The resurgence in vinyl over recent years, partially a result of nostalgia and partially a reaction to the increasing intangibility and non-ownership of digital media, has been both blessing and curse for those who prefer their music in analog form. Demand leads to a rise in prices, shady semi-legal bootleg operations are releasing bad CD rips pressed onto vinyl and sometimes what you're looking for simply sells out faster. But part of the fun of vinyl shopping is in digging through the crates, looking for the hidden gems you didn't know you needed—vintage obscurities, classic albums or even just something with an album cover that captures your attention.

Vinyl Junkies is just the kind of marketplace for the physical media addicted. A bi-monthly event that takes place at The Casbah, it brings together vendors selling selected items from their shops along with collectors with impressive private collections, all for the common goal of putting more records on people's turntables. Every event features a lineup of DJs, be they radio personalities like Tim Pyles or local musicians like Al Howard, in addition to tacos and booze, which may or may not influence your impulse buys. God knows I've spent too much on records after a taco binge.

Photo courtesy of San Diego Metal Swap Meet


Well before the rest of the general public caught on to the fact that, yes, vinyl is still cool, metalheads were already lining their shelves with blood-colored, pentagram-shaped 7-inches limited to 666 copies. Or, you know, classic Black Sabbath albums—original pressings, naturally. In fact, for a long time the metal collectors' market has been rich in hard-to-find hidden gems, often highly valuable. And you'd be surprised (or not, come to think of it) how few shops in any city have a well-stocked metal section. That's where the San Diego Metal Swap Meet comes in, bringing together the leather-vested and bullet-belted to come together and celebrate metal media in all its forms.

The San Diego Metal Swap Meet isn't limited to vinyl—you can pick up shirts, CDs, patches, books and other various metal-related miscellanea, because there's a good chance if you listen to metal, you like to wear your love of metal on your sleeve, quite literally (I do!). Where Vinyl Junkies is cross genre, this is a swap meet dedicated solely to metal, and as such should prove to be a haven for those who keep it heavy. Unfortunately, it's only a once-a-year event, but the upside is that each swap features live sets by heavy hitters such as Exhumed or Jag Panzer. That's enough to warrant throwing your horns in the air.



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