Photo by Torrey Bailey


    Whether it's in person or on, you've most likely seen Ryan Gosling's face and figure plastered all over the bathroom stall of Gaslamp Quarter's sushi bar/nightclub Bang Bang. This was the brainchild of designer Mauricio Couturier, who's also responsible for other Snapchat-worthy loos in San Diego. Unfortunately, his creation at Little Italy's taco and tequila joint El Camino (2400 India St.) has flown under the radar in comparison to its swoony counterpart. The ladies' room is basked in a flamingo pink-hued light. Some walls are layered with collages of Latina women giving you the eyes, another wall sports a mural of a woman in traditional dress, and a third outlines a couple making out. It's an entire 360-degree experience that includes heart-shaped piñatas and chalkboard paint. Attached to the ceiling of one stall are fake white birds that once surrounded a birdcage before it was taken down. Taking a turn into the men's bathroom is a sharp contrast, though. The black, maze-like interior has graffiti etched, scribbled and painted everywhere. Not even the mirrors are safe.

    Photo by Torrey Bailey


    South Park's vegan restaurant and cocktail bar Kindred (1503 30th St.) might look nice and friendly from the outside. But the French Gothic-style glass windows expose a peachy pink interior that designer Paul Basile detailed with pentagrams, skulls and an iconic, 900-pound, black, four-eyed wolf. You don't have the full effect until stepping into the bathroom though. Your ears are immediately T-boned by Sleep's DopeSmoker, a heavy metal album full of chord eruptions that play on a constant loop. The person in the next stall over can't hear a thing. They might even be too busy staring at the satanic cat photos hanging on the walls anyway. Some of the felines are talented enough to play electric guitar in the gold-framed photos, others are staring and hissing at you so menacingly you can almost hear them over the clashes of Sleep. Naturally, half the cats are black. And in case the pagan memo is hazy, the "Employees Must Carve Slayer Into Forearms Before Returning to Work" plaque hanging above the sink to replace the traditional "Employees Must Wash Their Hands Before Returning to Work" sends the message loud and clear. The ceiling's mural of a nebula-filled galaxy is the last straw in entering another dimension before you exit to a now relatively normcore bar.



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