Photo by Beth Demmon


When you have enough gumption to proclaim yours as "the best donuts in the world," you better have the goods to back it up. Donut Bar does. Its monstrous concoctions command daily sell-outs and serious wait times, especially on Fridays when the line just to get in the front door often wraps around the block.

You won't find the generic 50-cent old-fashioneds with a cup of diner-quality coffee at Donut Bar (631 B St., downtown). Instead, you can get Stumptown cold brew on nitro paired with a $5 French Toast Donut that could easily leave multiple people in a sugar-stimulated stupor. The buzz-worthy one-pound, deep-fried, jam-injected "Big Poppa Tart" promises to keep San Diego dentists in business, and the apple fritters (my personal favorite) stretch nearly the length of your forearm and glisten with just the right amount of swirly crusted frosting.

For donut devotees who seek immediate Instagram cred, Donut Bar's outlandishly outrageous portions are sure to earn you more than a few "likes" when you hashtag #BestDonutsIntheWorld before scarfing down your selection.

Photo courtesy of Nomad Donuts


You might not think of donuts as the preeminent culinary canvas upon which to paint a global picture, but Nomad Donuts (4504 30th St., North Park) aims to do precisely that. Its artisanal offerings don't just reflect its community (with collaborations including a "Stu Pumpkin Spice Crueller" with neighbors Fall Brewing), but the world itself with innovative flavors that range from the tastebud-twisting Guava Lychee Jam Blackberry Peach to the straightforward "Good Ol' Donuts" like maple.

Nomad also focuses on inclusiveness and sustainability, offering a daily rotating selection of standard and vegan donuts as well as committing to use small batch, seasonal ingredients sourced from local retailers. Its approach to marketing might be more subtle than some competitors, but a quiet domination of the exotic gourmet donut market still delivers big on flavor. For those wandering through the world (or just North Park) in search of unlimited flavor potential, stop at Nomad to see what it's serving that day.



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