Oct. 19 2016 12:52 AM

Our readers tell us what they think


    I appreciate the intent to print the correction about Chico Club not having been Cinnamon Cinder in the past, but the letter [Oct. 12] contains two errors.

    1. It says that the other location that was Cinnamon Cinder in the ’60s was in business since 1940, not Chico Club, when in fact, Chico Club opened in 1940— which is says right on the building and inside the building in numerous places. We are proud of the long history of Chico Club being a landmark bar in the same La Mesa location since 1940.

    2 It is described as “dark” when it’s the opposite. We have two huge picture windows on our west side that bring natural light into the bar which is decorated with bamboo, surfboards and other light-colored and cheerful elements contributing to the casual, comfortable atmosphere which is anything but “dark.”

    I invite you to do a closer comparison with other local bars and see that the description in the so-called “correction” doesn’t quite fit the place.

    Larry Fox, Chico Club owner


    I’d like to comment on Ed Decker’s Sordid Tales article about animal homosexuality [“No homosexuality in the animal kingdom?” Sept. 21]. First, his article is riddled with the logical fallacy of ad hominems, which do nothing to further his arguments. He seems to focus on Christians such as myself. Let me direct him to the facts that homosexuality lacks scientific evidence as to genetic predisposition, contrary to history, world religions, sociology, physiology, evolution and morality. Edwin touts evidence from the animal kingdom and I took his advice and did the research. Animals are not homo sapiens and therefore the term is misused. They may have some gay tendencies, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are gay. This is contrary to the religion of evolution. His section on violinists, lizards and parakeets is nonsensical.

    But so what, humans are not animals. We are able to create, love, have free will and a greater brain capacity. Animals do not possess any of these characteristics. If you believe the unscientific religion of macroevolution then we are animals. But this is contrary to geology, paleontology, archaeology, biochemistry, zoology, biology, mathematics and astronomy. All the founders of the branches of science were creationists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Robert Boyle.

    Mark A. Peter, Solana Beach


    I’m a regular reader of Aaryn Belfer, and although I may not always agree this has no bearing on the fact that I think you are a brave and excellent writer. Upon reading your [“Police had no reason to dismantle Olango memorial,” Oct. 12] piece, I was moved to reply and to tears. I reply helplessly enraged, grief stricken and standing by as those entrusted to protect us continue to deliberately execute us with seemingly absolute impunity.

    “It certainly appears... all lives definitely do not fucking matter.” Like you, I am truly sickened by the spreading plague of police murders in our town, across the country and around the world. With respect and frustration my sincere question is, “What the fuck can we do?!” Please send help.

    Thank you for being a writer, Aaryn. You are gifted. Remain fearless and please keep writing!

    Paul A. Ramirez, University Heights


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