Oct. 25 2016 02:21 PM

From Optimus Volts to Carrie Anne Hudson, here are some artists that spook us all year round

    “You Want To Sink (So I’m Gonna Let You)” by Carrie Anne Hudson

    Halloween-themed art shows are starting to pop up this time of year, and while most of the artists in those shows are just dabbling in spooky scenes for that show, the artists below keep us scared all year round.

    Carrie Anne Hudson (IG: @carriehudson): None of the other artists on this list once had a residency in Sibiu, Transylvania, in Romania, but catch a glimpse of Carrie Anne Hudson's work and hanging out in Dracula's castle seems natural. This should be indicative enough of the dark leanings of her work. Working primarily in acrylics and ink, Hudson deals primarily in original takes on classic creatures, as well as putting occult and death-metal spins on everything from Wayne's World to kittens. carrieannehudson.com

    Peter Halasz (IG: @peter_halasz): Halasz's oil paintings are often of oceanside views and waves crashing onto the shore, but make no mistake: This isn't the type of work you'd see in some cheesy La Jolla gallery. It's decidedly dark and dangerous, and Halasz uses shadows and light (or lack thereof) to reveal the sea's dangerous and mercurial nature. His most recent solo show at Quint Projects, Séance, was lit using only candlelight, and he recently started a Bauhaus-inspired band called Floodflower. And yeah, they're goth as hell. peterhalasz.com

    Optimus Volts (IG: @optimusvolts): Issac Coronado (aka Optimus Volts) describes his work as a "mashed-up root pulp extract of '80s cartoons," among other things, but his spray paint and sculpture work looks to me more influenced by the Grim Reaper than anything else. Skulls and spray cans abound in his pieces, with jagged and sharp edges becoming something of a staple. He just landed a solo show called Kill Bitches Volume 1, which opens, naturally, the day after Halloween at Bar Basic in East Village. optimusvolts.com

    David Van Gough (IG: @davidvangough): We previously covered the British-born, Barrio Logan-based "necrosurrealist" in a roundup for our "4/20" issue, based on the idea that weíd like to get high and stare at his paintings all day long. And stare we have. Drawing influences from Hieronymus Bosch and the occult, Van Gough delivers highly detailed paintings of fantastical scenes of the dark side of religion and fanaticism. His work was recently spotlighted in a Vegas show titled Dark Matters, but locals can check out his space inside the La Bodega Gallery at any time. davidgoughart.com


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