Photo by Torrey Bailey

    "I think it's important an artist doesn't wait to be discovered," says Anna Stump, whose proactive attitude shows in each medium she's tackled. Stump is one half of the painting-and-print team Hill&Stump, founder of the women-only Feminist Image Group, an art teacher at San Diego City and Grossmont colleges, an art instructor at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility and a New York Times-reviewed blogger.

    In each channel, Stump skirts the norm. As an adjunct professor, she has reformed the colleges' curriculums to include the art world's business side, preparing students for the honest realities of professionalism.

    "That stuff wasn't talked about when I was in college," she says. "At that time, you'd never talk about getting your hands dirty like, 'How do you file your taxes? How do you price your work?'"

    In her personal art, Stump is fascinated by the human physique, which she says can garner discomfort from some audiences. "Because I was a dancer, I feel really comfortable with bodies," she says. "I like all bodies, and I think the more bodies we see, the better."

    When she wrote a self-reflecting blog in Turkey, she used a Bratz doll to personify herself in photos, loving how politically incorrect the toy was. In every aspect of her work, sexuality, feminism, environmentalism and identity overlap.

    Although San Diego and Los Angeles are Stump's mainstays, she's headed across the pond next year. In fall, the Feminist Image Group's work will appear in a Swedish gallery, and in summer, she'll pursue a two-week residency in Ireland.


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