Photo courtesy of Nate Howard

Passion, poetry and pride emanate from Nate Howard, a young and ambitious social entrepreneur who set out to redefine the way people share their stories. From his bungalow in Mission Beach, he envisions a future in which youth are encouraged to celebrate their originalities and find unity in each other's personal experiences.

What started as weekly tutoring sessions where students were encouraged to voice themselves via poetry, music and self-expression soon evolved into a mobile app called Movement BE. The app is dedicated to, as Howard puts it, "inspiring people to really just get on and share their work, their poetry, their stories." From poetic rants to reflective rhymes, the app welcomes characters of all kinds to share, post and celebrate in communicating with other cultures. Similar to other social media apps, it allows users to view posts made by people in the surrounding community as well as create their own stories to share.

Howard's speeches have captivated audiences on campuses nationwide, and his evocative lyrics are featured in music by artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Casey Veggies. He hopes that Movement BE will encourage people not only to find strength and solidarity in their personal tales, but also to use those stories to create positive change in their communities. Above all, Howard stresses the liberation that exists in the honest act of telling your true, authentic and completely original story. "The whole goal to life is to create," Howard says. "If you're not creating, then what are you doing, seriously?"


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