Cat Eye Club’s bacon and shrimp machete
    Photo by James Vernette

    So, if all goes to plan on Election Day, California may finally legalize marijuana for recreational use. It's about time. I never got a prescription because I felt like it was cheating. I didn't have any medical reason for it—I just like to get stoned occasionally. I'm going to have a field day when I'm finally able to toke without worrying about Johnny Law coming down on me for smoking the sacred herb. And I'm going to eat very well.

    Here are some of the places I'm chowing down after I partake of legal wacky tobacky:

    Cat Eye Club (370 Fifth Ave.): I love the retro vibe of this club and if I was high, I'd be scarfing a Bacon and Shrimp Machete, which is like a burrito cut up like one of those high roller sandwiches your boss always orders for the company picnic. This is better: chipotle candied bacon, shrimp, pico de gallo, lime crema and Oaxaca and Manchego cheeses. Add to the groovy culinary high by slurping down the city's best pineapple margarita.

    Slater's 50/50 (2750 Dewey Road, #193 Liberty Station): This place is known for gargantuan burgers made to thrill and delight children of all ages. From a stoner standpoint, its Guinness bacon chili is the bomb: the gut bomb. It's packing a big punch of meaty flavor in every bite and is the epitome of a balanced bowl of red.

    San Diego Poke Company (10387 Friars Road, Grantville): The city has gone whole hog for poke in the past year. When pot is legal, you can expect poke's popularity to increase tenfold. Basically raw fish marinated with soy sauce, seaweed and other spices, poke has the benefit of being somewhat healthy even as it's sweet, salty, briny and bracing (if you like wasabi in it, like me). Lots of places do it well, but I like San Diego Poke Company because its Subway-like set-up means I don't have to wait—a big deal when I'm baked and jonesing for food.

    Larry's Deli (323 Seventh Ave., Gaslamp): This place just opened, but the Reuben with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese on rye bread is what my high-as-a-kite innards have been craving my whole life. Get a jar of house-made pickled vegetables to go. Your tongue will thank you.

    Nati's (1852 Bacon Street, Ocean Beach): Another bong load and I might make this list all Mexican places. There are times when nothing satisfies like ground beef tacos in hard shells, greasy beans and rice. Free spicy carrots and Mexican-style Coke hit the stoned-ass spot. And since Nati's is in OB, it will be easy to get more weed if you run out.

    Bobboi (8008 Girard Ave., La Jolla): Guess what! Gelato and sorbet taste phenomenal when you're high. Bobboi near La Jolla Cove takes it to another level. The chocolate gelatos taste like chocolate! The lemon mint sorbet tastes like lemon mint! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries—OK, made that last one one up. The point is Bobboi makes wonderful gelato and sorbet using fresh seasonal ingredients and it's a stoner's dream dessert.


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